Plastic is a climate change problem. There are ways to fix it.

Biologists are getting into the game too—Carbios, a French company, wants to use enzymes to chew up plastics. Check out the full story from 2021. 

Keeping up with climate  

Several popular EVs are now cheaper than the average new gas-powered vehicle in the US. It’s a major tipping point for electric transportation. (Canary Media)

Some experts argue that it’s time to put solar-panel waste in context. This is a great graphic comparing the volume of module waste to things like e-waste, plastics, and coal ash. (Inside Climate News)

→ Some companies are working on setting up systems to recycle solar panels today, before more of them reach the end of their lives. (MIT Technology Review)

More than 50 million miles of power lines and other infrastructure need a major upgrade. Aging grids could hold back countries around the world from reaching climate goals. (The Verge)

The US announced seven projects, or “hubs,” as part of a $7 billion program to advance hydrogen fuel. (Washington Post) 

→ Hydrogen could help clean up sectors like heavy industry, but most of the fuel is generated using fossil fuels today. Some activists are skeptical of some of the projects that were chosen for the funding. (The Guardian)

Danish wind giant Ørsted just gave a $100 million guarantee that its project in New Jersey will be online by the end of 2025. How’s that for putting your money where your mouth is? (Electrek)

Energy Vault started out with a disruptive idea: storing energy using cranes and massive blocks. Now the startup has pivoted, and largely sells the batteries it set out to displace. (Canary Media)

→ Here’s why some companies are continuing to look beyond batteries for energy storage. (MIT Technology Review) 

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