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Karine Jean-Pierre criticized for implying that the responsibility for migrants storming the border lies with Abbott: ‘Unbelievable’

Social media users criticized White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for suggesting that the responsibility for the viral video showing illegal immigrants rushing the Texas National Guard at the southern border lies with Governor Greg Abbott, rather than President Biden.

When asked about Biden’s response to the “dramatic” video of the migrant surge, Jean-Pierre deferred, stating she had not discussed the video with the president. Instead, she emphasized that it was a matter for the Republican governor of Texas to address, accusing Abbott of politicizing the issue.

Jean-Pierre’s remarks sparked controversy among critics who argue that Biden has failed to adequately address border security during his tenure, despite over seven million attempted illegal crossings.

Republican communications expert Matt Whitlock highlighted Biden’s legal actions against Abbott aimed at preventing him from addressing border issues.

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich condemned Jean-Pierre’s stance, calling the situation a blatant violation of international border sovereignty.

Twitchy’s Doug Powers criticized Jean-Pierre’s statement as a misguided attempt to shift blame onto Abbott rather than addressing the ongoing crisis.

TownHall.com web editor Rebecca Downs defended Abbott’s efforts to protect Texas residents.

Political commentator and Canary CEO Dan Eberhart expressed disbelief at the Biden administration’s attempt to deflect blame onto Abbott, asserting that Biden’s policies are the root cause of the crisis.

Former Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Taylor of Virginia characterized Jean-Pierre’s words as a failure to fulfill her duty to the American people.

RNCResearch Strategic Communications Director Tommy Pigott corrected Jean-Pierre, asserting that the responsibility for the border situation ultimately lies with President Biden, who has failed to secure the border and reversed executive actions aimed at addressing the crisis.

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