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The 9 Most Over-the-Top Perks Companies Are Using to Bring Workers Back to the Office

AS COMPANIES TRY to lure staff members back to the office postpandemic, they are using such perks to boost morale, create a unique corporate culture and even attract new talent, “it is almost like [they] are in a friendly competition to outdo each other in making the workplace an absolute paradise,” said Travis Lindemoen, the founder of recruiting and hiring platform Enjoy Mondays, based in Kansas City, Kan. “One company I worked for had an office slide that connected the different floors.”

As long as the job market continues to look strong for workers, Lindemoen doesn’t see these perks going away. In fact, when negotiating for a job prospective employees shouldn’t be shy about inquiring about the perk menu, or asking if certain benefits could be added. Ahead, the most unconventional employee benefits we’ve found in offices across the world.

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