Tech’s ethical congregation, and the Inflation Reduction Act’s anniversary

Just before Christmas last year, a pastor preached a gospel of morals over money to several hundred members of his flock. But the leader in question was not an ordained minister, nor even a religious man.

Polgar, 44, is the founder of All Tech Is Human, a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting ethics and responsibility in tech. His congregation is undergoing dramatic growth in an age when the life of the spirit often struggles to compete with cold, hard, capitalism.

Its leaders believe there are large numbers of individuals in and around the technology world, often from marginalized backgrounds, who wish tech focused less on profits and more on being a force for ethics and justice. But attempts to stay above the fray can cause more problems than they solve. Read the full story.

—Greg M. Epstein

How a half-trillion dollars is transforming climate technology

One year ago, the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law, marking the most significant action on climate change to date from the federal government. The legislation set aside hundreds of billions of dollars to support both new and existing technologies in an effort to slash costs for clean technologies and cut greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Experts say the IRA has already begun making waves, most visibly through a steady stream of announcements unveiling new manufacturing facilities in the US. However, the legislation’s most significant effects are still to come, as many of the programs are designed to last for a decade or longer. And there are even some remaining questions about how key pieces of the bill will play out. Read the full story.

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