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Apple set to finally reveal long-awaited AI features for iPhone

Apple is gearing up to unveil a slew of artificial intelligence (AI) features in a couple of weeks, aiming to catch up with recent advancements in the field.

Despite being perceived as lagging behind in AI innovation, Apple contends that it has quietly integrated various AI hardware and software tools into recent releases, albeit without much fanfare.

The tech giant is now poised to introduce a range of new technologies at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10. Among these innovations are generative AI tools, a domain that Apple has largely steered clear of until now.

Many of these upcoming features are expected to enhance Siri, the built-in voice assistant, offering capabilities such as auto-summarizing notifications from iPhones, providing condensed news article summaries, transcribing voice memos, and introducing AI-based photo editing features.

Rumors suggest that Apple may also be delving into the development of a new chatbot, potentially in collaboration with companies like OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT. Apple has exercised caution in adopting such technologies due to concerns about the reliability of generative AI, often preferring to partner with external firms.

Reports indicate that Apple is exploring partnerships with both OpenAI and Google to leverage their AI tools effectively.

These anticipated updates are likely to debut with iOS 18, the forthcoming major update for iPhones. Following their unveiling at WWDC, developers can expect early access, with the public release slated for just ahead of the launch of new iPhones in September.

Recently, Apple launched new iPads, including a Pro model featuring the M4 chip, explicitly marketed for its AI capabilities. While Apple has emphasized its long-standing inclusion of AI-focused hardware in its devices, there remains a gap in major features harnessing this AI power. Despite having integrated AI tools into iPhones for years, Apple has faced criticism for its comparatively low-key approach to promoting these features, especially when compared to competitors like Google.

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