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Themes, novelties of Meta Rival Twitter is still sniffing around for new apps as millions of users figure out what to post on the platform. Right now, Threads feels a lot like a “Wendy’s corporate party,” and that’s totally fine! I’m not here to judge where you choose to share memes and scroll through your day. Keep posting, posters. And keep hiding, hiding. I see you.

However, it should be recognized that Threads collects a lot of personal information about you; Other Meta apps like Facebook and Instagram collect a similar amount of data. For those who are not comfortable with Threads, there are many alternatives to avoid this social media app.

Streams are nascent, and some of the settings you might expect on the social network may not be available yet. The app will likely evolve and add new features as Meta grows the team dedicated to the project. (Seriously, where’s my timeline?) For those trying out Threads (Android, Apple) and getting to know the app, here are some noteworthy settings to get you started.

Mute those who annoy you

The main message feed is selected by the Meta algorithm, so you and the Mute button are going to be the best. Other fodder options may become available, but here’s how to keep the brands quiet for now. Whenever you see an annoying post, disable your account by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the post, then select Mute the sound. Want to take it even further by removing accounts from your feed? The Block option is also provided for accounts you don’t follow. For accounts you’re already subscribed to but choose to opt out of, go to their Threads profile, click the three dots in the top right corner of the profile, and select Block.

For a complete list of everyone you’ve blocked in Threads, see yours Privacy settings.

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Control who mentions you

Protect your mentions! You can choose whether people can post your account ID in a way that goes directly to your profile. Open your profile page in Threads and select the two lines at the top. Then click Privacy and Mentions. The app lets you choose between allowing everyone to link to your account, only people you follow, or no one at all.

Block these responses

Take even more control of your Threads experience by choosing who will be your responsible guy. You can do this on a per post basis. When you’re creating a new post in Threads, click Anyone can answer in the lower left corner. This will allow you to choose whether the post is open to replies from everyone, from people you follow, or only from accounts you mention in the post.

If your Threads profile is set to private, this option will say Your subscribers instead.

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Configure incoming notifications

Are you distracted by all the notifications from Threads? (We get it, you’re popular!) Reduce it by going to your profile, then tapping the two lines in the top right corner and Notifications. Here you can configure the push notifications that come from Threads. There’s an option to pause everything, or you can also manage notifications at a more granular level.

Take a break

Boundaries are important and social media apps are designed to keep you scrolling for hours. Spending too much of your life on the Threads app? Go to your profile, click on the two lines in the upper right corner. Then choose Account and Take a break. Here you can choose how many consecutive minutes you want to scroll through the app before Threads prompts you to do something else.

The current options available for break reminders are set to 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Threads via Reese Rogers

Add a link to your profile

Maybe you’re an artist who wants to show off your portfolio? Or maybe you want to promote your other social media accounts? Whatever the reason, just add a clickable link to your bio on Threads. Just visit your profile and select Edit profile. Add the website you want Link section and click Ready.

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