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The president of the Women’s March told Fox News that women are “worsening with the law” in the field of abortion, adding that state election safety laws worsen the right to vote, as well as state government laws that regulate abortion.

Rachel O’Leary Carmona also suggested that elections in some polling stations could not be “fair” in terms of voter access, which she said could undermine the legitimacy of state laws governing abortion.

Carmona joined The Story to respond to a recent video in which she called on Women’s March supporters to become “unmanageable” and discussed the potential “summer of anger” if the Supreme Court overturns Rowe v. Wade


Proponents of abortion rights
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Clicking on expressions of “anger,” Carmona said it meant marches for the election of more than 400 people and an event that recently drew thousands to Washington.

“We are going to direct this fury into action, as we have done for the last five years of advocating for the Women’s March. That means taking to the streets, protesting, talking to our elected officials and, of course, bringing our power to the polls,” she said.


In terms of her call for followers to be “unmanageable”, Carmona said it reflects her view that a leaked draft Supreme Court ruling could trigger a “hasty course” between women and the courts, adding that women will have to decide whether to pursue “injustice”. . the law. “

Host Martha McCallum has denied her allegations about herrimandering and red state governments causing problems with the right to abortion, including Oklahoma voters electing state lawmakers who passed a strict ban on abortion this week.

Carmona said that if Americans could ensure “fair elections where everyone has equal access,” criticism of the laws that apply across states could be different.


Alita;  protesters (Fox)

“We need to understand the connection between attacks on the right to vote and the right to abortion as part of a broader campaign and strategy,” she said.

McCallum later asked why Americans could not, if Rowe v. Wade is repealed, vote for state laws governing abortion in a different chronology.

“We have seen in many states of the country attacks on the right to vote and the like. So if we have the opportunity to vote in a fair election where everyone has equal access, it will be different,” Carmona said.

Carmona also accused Republicans of “packing” the courts that review abortion laws and making their benches “unrepresentative to most Americans.”

“We need to overcome the obstacles we face and the difficulties with voting,” she said, arguing that the idea of ​​returning abortion regulatory powers to state governments “is not a serious argument.”

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