The woman has filed an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) against Cleveland Cavaliers guard Rajon Rondo and claims he brandished a gun and threatened her life.

The woman claims that last week Ronda was “angry” and she filed a lawsuit in the family court in Louisville, Kentucky. In the order, she claimed that Ronda was playing video games with the child when she asked the child to finish separating the laundry so she could wash the family’s laundry.

When the child got up to do so, she said Ronda ripped the game console off the wall, went downstairs, smashed the plate and shouted and swore. According to the EPO, Ronda went outside and knocked down the garbage cans, attacked the landscape lights and drove off to the lawn.

When the woman encountered Rondo, the EPO continued, he said, “You’re dead.” Shortly after leaving the house, Ronda returned and knocked on the window with his pistol. The woman told the EPO that the player was yelling at the children in the house, asking them why they were afraid of him when he was holding a gun.

The woman called former Interim Louisville Metro Police Chief Yvette Gentry, who eventually arrived at the home. However, the woman said Ronda would not let Gentry inside. The woman said she locked herself in the house with the children, and Gentry eventually told her that Ronda had left and she had a gun.

Two days after the alleged incident, the judge issued a protective injunction to the woman. The judge ordered Ronda not to get in touch and stay away from her for at least 500 feet.

Last season, Ronda spent 39 games between the Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers. He played with eight other NBA teams, including with the Boston Celtics in 2006-14, after being drafted under number 21 in 2006. He was also a star player in Kentucky during his college career.

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