When it comes to fashion, and probably a few other things as well, baseball tends to stick to conventionality. For decades, most ball players have clung to nylon necklaces of questionable health benefits and alien sunglasses. In recent years, however, players have really taken advantage of the league’s relatively high tolerance for accessories, creating gorgeous ice chains de rigueur during games. And nowadays it’s hard to be a professional athlete who makes big money and not feel at least small forced to bend over the field, especially when players from other sports do it so well.

New York Mets outfielder Mark Kanha, who wore Prada mirrored sunglasses to fight glare. Fans noticed the nuances during his post-game interview with Steve Galbs of SNY on Monday, after the Seattle Mariners defeated the Mets 8-7 Kanha himself confirmed on social media that he also wore them on the field that night. He wore the same pair during the game on April 21, when the San Francisco Giants defeated the Mats 6-2, leaving room for speculation as to whether it was a failure or just a base Metsines.

Shades that look like the PS 01XS style with red mirror lenses from the Prada Linea Rossa sports line feel like an upgraded nod to branded baseball shades. (Nowadays, nothing stupid can stay that way for long: sporting shades have already been a fashion moment.) And, as former Atlanta Braves player Jock Pederson demonstrated last year, fashion belongs on the road – and Canha, a relatively reserved but popular spent most of his career in Auckland, feeling like a good candidate to raise the torch. And while Prada sunglasses feel relatively harmless compared to Pederson’s pearl thread, every fashion lawyer needs to start with something.

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