The police teenager ran away from home on April 27. Her family fears the missing teenager may be in danger.

DALAS – Update: A missing 15-year-old girl was found on May 21. Her name was removed from this article. Read more here.

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Original article: A mother in Dallas asks the community to help find her missing daughter. Brendeta MacDonald posted leaflets in Dallas and posted photos of her daughter on various social networks.

MacDonald said her 15-year-old daughter has been missing since April 27. On Thursday, May 12, the Dallas Police Department raised her case to “critically missing.”

“Just come home, baby,” MacDonald said, crying. “Do whatever you have to do to get home.” I miss you. “

An emotional mom said her daughter left home after trouble at school. Now the teenager’s family is worried about her safety, as they have not been in contact for two weeks.

McDonald and her family believe the teen may be trying to return home.

It is one of 70 cases of fugitives and dozens of missing people currently being investigated by the Dallas Police Department. Detectives said they searched the teen’s name in various databases, trying to track her down.

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In addition to the department’s investigation, the family is also busy with some of their own hands, trying to find clues.

McDonald said her family has received clues that she has been spotted in several locations in central Dallas and South Dallas.

MacDonald also said running away is not like her daughter. She said she was worried her daughter might be in danger.

“I’m most worried that she’s being held against her will and she wants to go home, but she can’t go home,” McDonald said. “She wants to go home. I know my child wants to go home.”

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