SAN ANTONIA – If you visit SeaWorld San Antonio and look at the simulators, you can feel that you see a double. This is because the Fentan twins are not hard to miss.

Jacob works with killer whales, and Westin works with belugas and dolphins. For them, the passion and love for animals began at an early age.

“We started coming here from a very young age, when we were seven, our parents’ day brought us to SeaWorld camp, and there we fell in love with these animals, in the relationship they have with their trainers. And from that day on, we knew that this was what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives, ”said Jakob Fentan.

The twins do everything together. They were even hired on the same day with a difference of a few minutes.

Now the 21-year-old duo has formed an unbreakable bond with the animals they work with.

Vestin spoke passionately about falling in love with a special whale named Martha.


“She’s incredibly special to me because she was the first whale. When I was ten years old, I was doing a beluga interaction program that we offer to our guests where they can meet face to face and meet one of these incredible animals. So I did it when I was ten. And now, to be completely different with her face to face, it’s amazing. “

Jacob and Westin even play on their animal violas and say they are very involved in what is going on around them. They said it is a wonderful form of enrichment. Now the twins are focused on having a lasting impact.

The twin trainers at SeaWorld play on their whale instruments. (KSAT)

“We learn so much about them. And I think it’s the ability to engage in research that really excites me. For example, we taught these whales to make sounds every time they hear a sound. And it is thanks to this work that we have been able to influence the legislation concerning the movement of boats. So these animals have a direct impact on wild killer whale populations, and that’s what motivates me to do this good job every day because I know we help animals in the ocean, ”Jacob said.


Jacob and Westin then graduate from college. They started at the University of Texas at Austin but didn’t want to leave SeaWorld San Antonio. Instead, they both moved to the University of Texas at San Antonio, where they will both graduate later this year, earning a degree in business administration.

And for those who want to follow in their footsteps as coaches, their message is simple: they encourage everyone to follow their heart, dream big and do what makes you happy.


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