The United States’ phasing out of U.S. F-15 fighter jets has new, high-tech aircraft temporarily headed to Kadena Air Base in Japan to fill in for the base’s retired F-15s, according to a base report.

The plan to modernize air defenses in the region calls for the withdrawal of the US Air Force F-15 C/D Eagle, which has been in use for more than 30 years.

The Department of Defense is beginning to phase out F-15s in November, including those at Kadena Air Force Base. The full upgrade plan is expected to take two years, the report said.

A new fleet of high-tech fighter jets will be deployed in Japan to keep the force there up-to-date and ensure security in the region. Plans for which jets will be stationed there have not been finalized or released.

With China’s continued rise and influence in the region and the disputed sovereignty of Taiwan, the US maintains a strong presence with a key ally in Japan.

“Modernizing our capabilities in the Indo-Pacific theater remains a top priority for the United States,” Kadena Air Force Base wrote in a release Friday. “This transition to more powerful aircraft at Kaden demonstrates our continued commitment to strengthening our position and building on the strong foundation of our alliance with Japan.”

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