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According to an initial JD Power quality study for 2022, the quality of new cars has declined by 11% amid a shortage of spare parts, supply disruptions and disruptions in global trade. Buick, Dodge and Chevrolet topped the list, while Volvo, Chrysler and Polestar were in the top three.

An initial 2022 quality study found that four times more new models were worse than the segment averages.

“I knew this year we would have problems because of all the supply chain problems and everything. I didn’t think it would be our worst year in history. We had never seen a 11% deterioration before,” David Amadeo , director of global automotive at JD Power, told CNBC.

“The worst thing we’ve seen is 3% compared to last year. It’s just huge! I didn’t understand all the problems everyone was going through until we saw the data and synthesized it.”

JD Power’s initial quality rating is based on surveys of buyers of new cars or lessees of cars of the current model year who respond within the first 90 days of ownership. In some surveys, the ratings take into account long-term reliability, the attractiveness of the car’s characteristics, and the experience of sales or dealers.

This year, General Motors has managed to improve the quality of many of its offerings, ranking first among all car companies on the list. GM’s Buick quality has risen from 12th place last year to first place in original quality in 2022.

Hyundai Genesis ranks highest among premium cars. Only nine of the 33 brands in the ranking have improved the quality of the car for the year.

In general, infotainment systems and mobile applications remain a sore point for most automakers. With the exception of Tesla, major automakers typically integrate Android and Apple systems that allow customers to display their phones on the car’s central display. Tesla uses its own browser.

For Tesla, which this year ranked 7th from the bottom, with the same initial quality score as Mitsubishi, panel alignment and poor paint quality were more common problems than customer problems with the company’s mobile app or infotainment company.

Ilona Maska’s electric car company has slightly improved its original quality and was officially included in the list for the first time this year. JD Power previously interviewed Tesla owners, but did not consider their assessment official.

The novice electric car Polestar ranked last on the list with 328 issues per 100 newly sold or rented cars.

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