In late January, a geothermal energy startup began conducting experiments where it pumped water deep into the desert floor of northern Nevada.

The results, reported exclusively by MIT Technology Review, suggest that Houston-based Fervo could create flexible geothermal power plants capable of ramping up or down power generation as needed.

Potentially more importantly, the system can store energy for hours or even days and return it back over similar periods, effectively acting as a giant and very long-lasting battery.

Questions remain about how well this method will work on a large scale. But if successful, it could fill a critical gap in today’s grids, making it cheaper and easier to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Read the story in its entirety.

— James Temple

Cartier and Tiffany are getting into AR to sell luxury to Gen Z

Our senior reporter Tanya Basu recently tried on a Cartier Tank watch and a variety of Tiffany bracelets, watching the metal and diamonds sparkle in the dim light. However, it wasn’t in the store; she was in bed, barefoot and in sweatpants, using an augmented reality experience on Snap that allowed her to see how the jewelry looked on her wrist.

The Cartier and Tiffany AR campaigns are the latest in Snap’s series of collaborations with brands to get Gen Z to invest in luxury through a virtual fitting experience. There is evidence that these campaigns can change consumer attitudes and behavior even though they do not lead to immediate purchases. Read the story in its entirety.

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