While the US and the EU may disagree on how to regulate the technology, their lawmakers seem to agree on one thing: The West should ban AI-based social assessments.

As they understand it, the social score is a practice in which authoritarian governments, especially China, rate people’s trustworthiness and punish them for undesirable behavior such as stealing or defaulting on loans. Essentially, it’s seen as a dystopian super score awarded to every citizen.

Reality? Although there have been some controversial local experiments with social credit scores in China, there is no comprehensive social credit system across the country with algorithms that rank people.

The irony is that while American and European politicians are trying to ban systems that don’t really exist, systems that actually rank and punish people already exist in the West — and deny people housing and jobs. Read the story in its entirety.

— by Melissa Haykill

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I’ve combed the web to find the funniest/important/scary/interesting tech stories for you today.

1 Apple is reportedly threatening to remove Twitter from the App Store
According to Elon Musk. (NYT$)
+ Musk threatened to “go to war” with the company after it decided to stop advertising on Twitter. (WP$)
+ Apple’s reluctance to advertise on Twitter right now isn’t entirely unique. (motherboard)
+ Twitter’s Asia Child Protection Team has been wiped out. (Wired $)

2 Another crypto firm collapsed
BlockFi’s lender has filed for bankruptcy and is (partially) blaming FTX. (WSJ$)
+ The company is suing FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried. (FT$)
+ It looks like the much-feared “crypto contagion” is spreading. (NYT$)

3 AI is rapidly becoming more powerful and dangerous
This is especially alarming if its growth is too strong for security services to handle. (vox)
+ Should AI systems come with security warnings? (MIT Technology Review)
+ This AI chat game is gaining a legion of fans. (The Guardian)

4 Pegasus spyware investigation is at risk of being hacked
It is the target of disinformation campaigns, security experts warn. (The Guardian)
+ Cyber ​​insurance won’t protect you from having your data stolen. (The Guardian)

5 Google handed over geofencing data to the FBI for investigation on January 6
During the riots near the US Capitol, Google discovered more than 5,000 devices. (Wired $)

6 Monkeypox isn’t going anywhere
But it’s not growing either. (Atlantic dollar)
+ The World Health Organization says it will now be known as mpox. (BBC)
+ Everything you need to know about monkeypox vaccines. (MIT Technology Review)

7 What it’s like to be the unwitting face of a romance scam
The photographs of James Scott Geras have been used to ensnare many women. (motherboard)

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