You may have heard both of the aforementioned terms when it comes to protecting your identity. Although they are closely related, they are not the same thing. Learn about the difference between a burner and a prepaid phone when they are used, and why you should buy a temporary number instead.

Burner Phones and Prepaid Phones

Let’s start with prepaid phones. These are cheap and simple phones with prepaid minutes and SMS that you can use. Once you run out of them, you can buy more or just stop using the phone. Prepaid phones can be found in retail e-stores and discount stores.

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A burner phone is a term that describes cheap discarded phones that someone uses to protect their privacy with the intention of getting rid of them after several uses, especially if the number is breached. Prepaid phones are often used as vodka phones because they are cheap and difficult to track the owner through. When smartphones prevailed, people preferred “burnt SIM cards,” which are cheap prepaid SIM cards between which users can switch and discard them later.

Who uses Burner phones?

Hot phones and SIM cards are used when a person does not want to use his usual number, which can be traced to him. You can often see moviegoers breaking phones after discussing the details of a crime, for example, in the series “Into the Heavy” or in the series The Wire, which came up with this phrase.

This is not to say that phone burners are used exclusively for shady activities. Some may use them to avoid annoying calls from phone marketers or sign up for a website where they don’t feel comfortable. Although getting a temporary virtual number is the best option for the latter case.

Alternatives to Burner and Prepaid Phones

In many cases, you do not need to receive a prepaid phone to do the job. If all you need is to get a security code to register, it is better to buy a virtual number and temporarily receive an SMS, after which the phone is thrown away. Virtual numbers do not require the purchase of additional equipment and are available from any device via the Internet.

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