MADRID – Former King of Spain Juan Carlos I plans to visit Spain again in June, said on Friday the mayor of the northwestern city, who hosted the former monarch, signaling that the heated debate over the return of the former monarch is unlikely to end soon.

Juan Carlos returned to the country on Thursday for his first visit since his sudden departure nearly two years ago amid growing financial scandals. Dozens of fans greeted the 84-year-old when he first appeared in public on Friday in the city of Sanhenks, where his yacht is taking part in a three-day regatta.

The royal family said the former monarch would travel to Madrid on Monday to meet with his son, King Philip VI, his wife Sophia and other members of his family, before returning to his “permanent and stable residence” in Abu Dhabi. Dabi, the capital of the country. United Arab Emirates.

On Friday, Sanchens Mayor Thelma Martin said Juan Carlos was already planning a second visit to the city next month. “He confirmed to me that he was going to take part in the World Sailing Championships, which will start on June 10 and last until the 18th,” he told reporters.


The return of the former monarch to Spanish soil this week – after Spanish and Swiss prosecutors postponed an investigation into Juan Carlos’ finances – sparked days of debate across Spain.

Socialist-led members of the country’s government have called on Juan Carlos to deal with allegations of financial misconduct that have plagued him for a long time.

“The public would like an explanation for what happened,” said Justice Minister Pilar Llop.

Spanish prosecutors have found no evidence to bring the former monarch to justice because much of the alleged violations involving millions of euros (dollars) in undeclared accounts occurred when Juan Carlos had legal immunity as king of Spain. Other acts of potential fraud have gone beyond the statute of limitations.

Others hailed the former monarch, who helped bring Spain back to democracy after the death of dictator General Francisco Franco in 1975.


The mayor of Madrid, a member of the conservative opposition People’s Party Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, described Juan Carlos’ work for Spain as “extraordinary”.

He added: “I have no problem acknowledging this work, welcoming King Juan Carlos and welcoming his return.”

Juan Carlos was once one of the most respected public figures in Spain. But scandals involving the Spanish royal family began to escalate in the last years of his reign, leading Juan Carlos to abdicate in 2014, ending his 39-year term as monarch.

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