The first weeks of the recently published “Dallas Cowboys” schedule didn’t go easily into the NFL, but early difficulties could leave them in battle.

DALAS – The concept of playing in the “first place schedule” in the NFL is somewhat erroneous. Aside from the Dallas Cowboys, who play with the Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Reims and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they will meet many of the same rivals as their other rivals NFC East.

However, placing those who finished in the same place makes their first five games challenging, and those games will immediately shed light on whether the 2022 team is a contender or not.

The action begins with Week 1 of Sunday Night Football with Tom Brady and the Bucs attending the AT&T Stadium. Dallas has never beaten Brady – a sharp score of 0-6 since 2003. Most fans wouldn’t be surprised when the Cowboys started 0-1.

Week 2 is another home game for Dallas, but the compilers of the schedule did them no favors: reigning AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals stopped in Arlington to start at 15:25 on CT. Viewers will be able to answer the question of what would have happened if the Cowboys had organized the LVI Super Cup instead of the Rams who hosted the guests.

Dallas opens its NFC East letter against the recovering New York Giants, but on Monday night in the 3rd week the trend is on the road.

After a six-day break, the Cowboys host Washington with their new defender Carson Wentz at noon on the 4th week.

On May 13, coach Mike McCarthy told reporters that he enjoyed the first four games on the schedule.

“I think I’ve always looked at the first four games,” McCarthy said. “I like that the first two are at home. Then you also have a game in the first division at home. So I really like the start.”

In Week 5 the Cowboys will embark on a road trip in which they will touch both coasts: first in Los Angeles and then in the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6.

Dallas will meet the last two Super Cup teams in the first five weeks. If the Cowboys give up both games, even if they win the other, their record above 500 will be tarnished by a “yes but” that the team can’t beat the best teams; that they are only the product of the best team in the pathetic division.

Perhaps if the Cowboys beat the Rams and Bengals, but none of the other teams, it could show how tough the rest of the division is and that Brady still has the Cowboys number.

Whatever the outcome, an overreaction will take effect early, given the courage of the Cowboys ’opponents. At the head of the 6th week on Sunday in Philadelphia, the Cowboys will be considered as contenders, or as a team that can repeat itself as the NFC East champions.

What do you think will be the record of the Cowboys after their tough start? Share your thoughts with Mark on Twitter @therealmarklane.

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