NEW YORK – The commitment of network television to reality rates and reboots are combined in “The Real Love Boat”, a sea show for dating, which is part of the autumn schedule of CBS, announced on Wednesday.

Described as an “romantic adventure”, the series inspired the popular and kitschy comedy drama “Love Boat”, which aired from 1977 to 1986 on ABC. “The Real Love Boat” will be after the return of “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” on Wednesday, a rare reality night for CBS.

With so many programs available to viewers, “important stream, important input, important compatible programming,” said Kelly Cal, president of CBS Entertainment. “It looked like a very good bet for us. It also looks like a real competitive move against counter-programming. “

On the contrary, network rivals NBC and ABC have supplemented their series with comedies and dramas. Beware of other broadcasters, given the growth of streaming services with vibrant shows and convenience on demand.


This has caused an increase in dependence on tariffs known to viewers, including spin-offs and reboots. But CBS, which draws on the script franchises “NCIS” and “FBI,” is also betting on a trio of outbred dramas this fall.

“Eastern New York” as Amanda Warren as the recently promoted chief of police in the working-class neighborhood from which she has roots. Jimmy Smiths – colleagues on the star. “Land of Fire” tells the story of a young convict (Max Thioriot, “Seal Team”), who joins a program of firefighting in California to get a second chance.

Another script written in the script, “So Help Me Todd,” is described as a “humorous legal drama.” Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden (“Pollock”) as a successful lawyer who hires his son, a private detective played by Skylar Estin, to work for his law firm.


The show, canceled by CBS, is Magnum PI; “United States Al”; “B positive”; “Good Sam” and “How We Ride”.


Journalist David Bowder from New York and TV presenter Lynn Elber from Los Angeles.

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