The Dallas Mavericks have won a legendary 7-game win over the Phoenix Suns and reached the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2011.

DALAS – Somewhere in the course of the historic 7th game, when the Phoenix Suns had no doubts about the result, and the lead reached 46 points, the Dallas Mavericks turned from a young upstart to a contender for the championship.

Dallas was an outsider who entered the series against the best seeded Western Conference Suns, and those sentiments were the same when entering the final game against the team with the best home record in the league, an arena the Mavericks have not won since November 2019.

When the Mavericks came out of the playoffs just a year ago, their 7th game defeat in the first round against the Los Angeles Clippers was 126-111, and Luka Doncic scored 46 points due to their unbalanced attack and flaws in protection. Let’s move on to the year ahead, and Maurice’s defense was at its best to show the world its potential, a loaded statement, given that they were just as responsible for their position as Luke Magic.

The fight at Suns did not exist both among the starting and on the bench, and obscene efforts have made many wonder whether Phoenix even bothered to board a plane at Dallas airport after the defeat in the game 6 113-86 clearly led to their mental defeat.

Star Suns guards, Devin Booker and Chris Paul, were sincere about the performances with one figure, as the attack on Phoenix turned into a nightmare show that they will have to put out all summer.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks Western Conference Finals have so far led to many opportunities.

Would they have been one of the last four teams in the league if they had kept Christophe Porzingis on the list before the mid-year deal became possible due to the fact that the new front office no longer has to justify a failed star team?

Would they have been behind four wins since the NBA Finals if Mark Cuban had resigned from former coach Rick Carlisle after a disappointing first-round exit last season?

Will the defense work at an elite level for Carlisle, who is able to shut down the Match of the Stars guards without Jason Kidd bringing a new voice and new leadership?

Fortunately for Dallas, the current reality is much better than what was desired in years past.

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Without the self-expulsion of Carlisle, the head coach of the only Dallas-based championship title, Kidd would likely have entered the 2022-2023 season as a replacement for Frank Vogel in Los Angeles. Donchich’s ascent in his fourth season would have continued under a coach whose NBA guard was clearly disconnected and tired.

If you want to see how far Maurice has gone, look no further than Jalen Branson, who just a year ago played in the playoffs against the Clippers. Thanks to Kidd’s trust, the former NCAA champion is now thriving as a worthy NBA starter in the biggest games and with big market sharks salivating over his future free agency.

After years of searching for a prototype perimeter defender was developed by himself, and Dorian Feeney-Smith’s career has made him a major player in the 3 and D leagues. The same goes for Reggie Bulak, who is now forming a formidable nucleus, and Kidd is immediately organizing as a cheerleader coach on the sidelines.

The Mavericks ’defense will face the biggest test since their arrival in Bay, where they will meet with Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors starting Wednesday night. Whatever the outcome, the future of the Mavericks, somewhat mysteriously entering the season, now looks clear and concise as a legitimate contender.

The 23-year-old Mavs superstar Doncic has surpassed even the insane expectations previously set by the team’s latest legendary talent, and the entire basketball world is watching him smile and dominate.

Encouraged by the team purposefully, Doncic became a supernova play-off, as he likes to make fools of opponents and skeptics. Rotation has completely bought the defensive system and attitude, and, unlike other years with Doncic, the team has several offensive players.

Aside from this launch, the list is flexible for necessary changes when they end up heading into the offseason. At the moment, “Maurix” will continue to mock the underestimated, familiar role that the previous team “Mouse” played until the championship about ten years ago.

This team is approaching the realization of its own narrative with a clear direction.

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