The Dallas Mavericks have so far failed to unravel the Phoenix Suns in Arizona, causing them to lose 3-2, and the series returns to Dallas in Game 6.

DALAS – Mauritius are pressing their backs against the wall when they return to Dallas for the 6th game of the Western Conference semifinals.

The series with the Phoenix Suns evoked bitter emotions, and the team looked to what was most likely to be an evening of the series when it came time to change buildings. Dallas will be hoping for the same home cooking on Thursday, in the face of revenge as the series becomes increasingly hostile.

Dallas came out in the 5th game as if they were expecting smoke after two home wins over No. 1 in the conference, but the Mavs were able to match the intensity of the Phoenix at the start as they led after a quarter of the action.

While the game continued during the first half, the second half proved to be bad for Dallas, as in the third quarter the Suns scored more than twice as many as the Mavs, 33-14. By the time the game clock showed all zeros, “Suns” brought “Dallas” to the bell and lost in the 5th game with a score of 110-80.

Devin Booker and Luka Doncic amazed each other all the series, and it only intensified on Tuesday night. Tensions remain high as the Suns set their mission to target Doncic’s emotional reaction as they try to soften the Mavericks’ best player.

When the throws fall, these taunts are easy to get rid of, but as the rest of the team fights collectively, Doncic’s choice of punches was still more of Luke Magic’s attempts than a thorough dissection.

Doncic has made 125 shots in the series and is averaging 32 points per competition, but he is also only 14 out of 46 from depth. Slight 30 percent connectivity causes two problems related to the same problem. Doncic believes that these desperate upheavals serve a better chance of performance than a potentially open teammate, and the second is fatigue from committing a crime alone.

Those complaining about the Mavs ’offensive drive, which eventually dies from Doncic’s long attempts to retreat by three points, should take into account that help just wasn’t on the road.

Dwight Powell continues to struggle to earn his allotted minutes, but Reggie Bulak and Dorian Feeney-Smith have also disappeared after being the focus of home games. Bulak and Powell were together recognized without points on the night, and Feeney-Smith added just 8 points after starring in the 4th game in the Mother’s Day victory.

The Mouse devastated the bench, as the usual rotation was a horrible night of shooting, and Davis Bertans (10 points in 19 minutes) was the only player to score more than 4 points. Bertans (7.0 PPG) now exceeds Spencer Dinwidi’s offensive record (6.8 PPG) in this series by 51 minutes less. The Latvian forward is shooting at 58% from depth and you can expect his use to increase when the team returns to the AAC.

In order for the Mavs to win the series in the desert, they will need to look back on what prompted them to win Games 3 and 4. They will need perimeter shooters to shoot down open kicks when Doncic or Jalen Branson create opportunities for them. . They will need to continue to persecute the creators of the Phoenix images, especially Doncic’s commitment to protection.

Finally, Jason Kidd and staff will need to adjust the way Phoenix adapted when Phoenix closed the gaps in Games 3 and 4 and came up with another coach plan to return home.

If successful, even some of them Dallas could be one step closer to returning to the conference finals for the first time since 2011.

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