The Dallas Mavericks have finally solved the riddle of the Phoenix Suns in the 3rd game of the Western Conference semifinals, but to truly stay in the series, Game 4 looms big.

DALAS – After being left empty in Arizona, the Dallas Mavericks entered the third game of the Western Conference semifinals, looking for answers, and found them at home. The team came out with a focused mindset to make the series after being embarrassed in Phoenix.

With covetions that cheered their pace, the Mouse aggressively marched on the Suns, while Jalen Branson and Luka Doncic relentlessly attacked the rim on their way to a 103-94 victory, giving Dallas the first glimmer of hope they could destroy the leading West crop. conference.

Although Dallas ’victory was not a glorious victory, Dallas comfortably led the way, allowing them to enjoy their first victory in the semifinals after the Lakers’ 2011 Mother’s Day massacre. and the first in Doncic’s career.

Doncic was concerned about several questionable fouls, and he still finished the game without giving a triple-double, scoring 26 points, 9 assists and 13 rebounds in 34 minutes. Like the question in every game, Branson and Reggie Bulak coped with the task of being Doncic’s defenders.

After winning the first round of the series over Utah Jazz, Branson helped establish the Dallas gameplay – driving a car and finding an open teammate. Arriving to mirror Suns star guard Chris Paul, Branson enrolled everyone in a master class on setting up a detachment from his defender to find his shot. At the same time, Bulak scored 15 points in 41 minutes.

In total, Branson scored 28 points for Sans and turned the ball once, determined to change the series. Due to the fact that Doncic became unavailable for the competition due to trouble, it was a game to have such a result.

Branson’s renaissance and the protection provided by Bulak and Dorian Feeney-Smith noted a difference in the return in the series in Game 4 instead of facing a sweep. Feeney Smith made three important moves, and Balak +/- with +15 was second only to Doncic with +20.

Now comes the hardest part. The Suns captured the haymaker in Game 3, which Dallas threw on Friday, and are set to come out with a counterattack on Sunday. The Mavericks need to show they can do it again before the series returns to Phoenix.

Game 4 looks great as the defeat will allow the Suns to close her home, where the Mavs have not won since November 29, 2019. The Mavericks have done what they should have done to get back into the series, but they need to continue the defensive clamp on Paul and Devin Bookers. In particular, Paul was blocked in the 3rd game as he had the worst performance in a year and he scored only 12 points.

Doncic and Booker have amazed each other throughout the series, so you can be sure that the Suns will continue to poke, push and attack Dallas ’best player in hopes of getting a reaction.

The reasons for trying to get under Doncic’s skin are clear, as in this series the young All-NBA performer has an average of 35.3 PPG, 10 rebounds and 8 assists, and he was more than ready to lie. However, he will need to maintain composure to allow him to stay out of trouble and give the Mavs a chance to spend the evening.

You may not realize it, but Dallas ’third top scorer in the series is Maxi Kleber, who is averaging 14 points per competition and 47% shooting from behind the arc. When Branson carried the load as option B, Kleber calmly secured Dallas blasts from the bench and even went on defense with three blocked shots in Game 3.

Dwight Powell, meanwhile, has noticed that his minutes have shrunk in favor of Kleber and Feeney-Smith, so more Kleber calls at Powell’s expense could give Maurice a chance at a favorable outcome.

With the elite guard combination of Paul and Booker scoring 44 points in this series, continued efforts will be needed on the part of the non-Doncic Mouse to ensure that this series at least sees a return to Dallas.

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