Welcome SHORT WEEK SHORT WEEK, GQ recommends ‘respectively abbreviated ode to the most summery and most naked from the bottom. Whether you are a big and dubious boy, a guy above your knees or somewhere in between, we have all the thoughts, opinions and, yes, recommendations to make it your best, longest, most stylish yet season shorts.

Fear not, but the jokes are back. For some of you, this may cause information, so before you close this tab to stand out in the various sections of the comments, listen to us. First, the jackets never disappeared. We’re not saying they were always cool, but the mall brands and Kevin Smith kept the train of jackets that went far beyond the early zenith style. The transition to 2022, and Y2k fashion is back in vogue, including jackets (not to mention their Crocs counterparts typical of the era). Niche Japanese brands such as Kapital and Neighborhood have been selling jackets for years; now luxury players like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton are also included. Today, the real gods of fashion, such as A $ AP Rocky, Justin Bieber and Tyler, the Creator, are following the trend, following in the footsteps of pioneer jackets pushing envelopes such as Adam Sandler and John Cena.

The jackets might fit well into the lush, slimy 2000s styles, but they also speak to a completely different demographic: Dad. For you, probably not news that once banal features of the wardrobe of unfashionable patriarchs suddenly became fashionable. Their comfortable New Balance sneakers have never been so hot, their ready-made polos have never looked steeper, and it was only a matter of time before their favorite denim shorts joined them in the spotlight.

True, for a while we rode high on a wave of jackets, but if their renaissance still throws you in the loop, there are many ways to pull them out without looking like you’re going to set up a bike with a fixed gear. The key, of course, comes down to being fit. The right pair of jackets should be large, baggy and – take a deep breath – long. Like, below the knee. With the same capacious t-shirt and a few Doc Martens, the right couple can muster all the bravado of hardcore fans who are prone to pit. With a deep dark rinse, as well as with large buttons and loafers, the jackets can also be surprisingly elegant. (If you have baggy denim jeans that are too out of place to wear outside, you can even make your own way to a completely unique pair, frayed edges and all that.) The fact is that there are about a million ways. to celebrate their glorious return, so we’ve put together a few of our favorites to help you enjoy the trip.

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