Texas – Under the new Paternity, Pregnancy and Postpartum Directive, the military has made changes to better meet the needs of families.

The changes affect more than 400,000 parents in force and include extending exemptions to physical examinations and standardizing leave in cases of pregnancy loss.

Susan Mason appreciates the time she spends with her children.

“I share moments I had with my growing parents,” Mason said.

A single mom proudly serves as a captain in the U.S. Army. She gave birth to both of her children during the service and remembers having to hurry to work.

“With my senior politician there was a recovery after giving birth six weeks later and a return to service right after that,” Mason said. “And with George [my youngest child]the policy was updated and changed for 12 weeks, which was very nice … It was difficult, you know, with six weeks, because six weeks pass very quickly ”.

Thanks to the new directive, soldiers who give birth are exempted from certain operational and training requirements for a longer period of time.

“So women, you know, are now moving from 180 days of recovery to 365 days of recovery. So just be able to get that time to get back in shape, be able to spend time with your newborn, ”Mason explained.

Mason is the officer in charge of the Sisters Arms Mentoring Program. She is working with leaders such as the mother of four, Major Morgan Baudouin, to ensure that soldiers at all levels understand the changes in army policy.

“As a breastfeeding mother, I also have some time to successfully continue my path of breastfeeding,” Baudouin said. “It really embodies people and families in the first place. He puts on paper what families have been asking for for so long, and recognizes the need for parents to sometimes take a step back. ”

Mason hopes such efforts will make a big difference.

“I think knowledge is power,” Mason said.

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