SAN ANTONIA – Four weeks after the massacre at Uwalde Elementary School claimed 21 lives, more than a dozen two-party Texas mayors are urging Gov. Greg Abbott to take steps to prevent future mass shootings.

On Tuesday, 13 Texas mayors, including San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, asked the governor to convene a special session on gun reform and mental health.

Texas is not among the 19 states in the last five years that have passed the Emergency Risk Protection Act, known as the “Red Flag Laws”.

“We represent a continuum of political ideology and are united because we know that most Texans have a strong desire to reform common sense to protect our children. As mayors, we believe the legislature and the executive can come together to find the right solutions for Texas, ”the press release said.


In particular, the mayors want these measures to be included in the extraordinary session and in the new legislation:

  • Require a universal check for the purchase of weapons.

  • Increase the age for buying assault weapons in Texas to 21 years.

  • Adopt Red Flag laws to detect threats to gunfire.

  • Significant increase in funding to support mental health.

  • Train and properly educate school security officers.

Thanks to these reforms, the mayors of Texas have said they believe these measures could prevent shooters in El Paso, and most recently in Uwalde, from getting weapons.

“Families are asking us how many more shootings have to happen before we act. The communities of Uwalde, El Paso, Santa Fe and Sutherland Springs deserve better. In response to the mass shootings – Florida has passed red flag laws, and we can do the same here in Texas, “the press release said.

Among the 13 mayors seeking a special session are Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, Corps-Christie Mayor Polet Guahard, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and others.

Texas residents are also pushing for gun reform. On June 11, some of Texas’ largest cities, including San Antonio, hosted the March for Our Lives, which called for tougher gun laws.


“Protecting the Second Amendment means adopting a responsible policy that is supported by the vast majority of law-abiding gun owners,” the mayors said. “We cannot stand idly by while more of our compatriots, often our children and law enforcement officers, are resting as a result of another preventable shooting. Action is the only thing that will save more lives. “

To read the full letter from the mayors of Texas, follow this link.

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