We can say that multi-layered – it makes sense to dress. (We would, at least.) Why do you think our offices are still in New York? A native of Angeles, we see your sunny views of the mountains, perpetual sunbathing, traps of thirst in the pool … and create for you dozens of massive, bizarre seizures. And yet, when the mercury soars, the idea is to wear any shirt – not to mention two of them! – can be just devilish even for us. So far. At GQ, we pursue dreams and refuse to give up our own. Where there is freedom (light fabrics, a little ingenuity), there is a way (multi-layered summer images). All you need is a touch of inspiration – and a few key elements – to make you look light, fresh and keep your torso from a full switch to schvitz-o mode this summer. If you feel hungry when the weather heats up, these three unapproachable techniques will satisfy your thirst and then some.

Combine the floor with buttons and a T-shirt

The face of a man who knows he has nailed the summer layers.


Putting a t-shirt under the floor on the buttons, accumulates the energy of men’s clothing of the 60’s, which allows a good wind to envelop your torso in the process. The trick is to make sure your tank isn’t some huge graphic t-shirt with the sleeves cut off; you will want a real undershirt in the ribs, fitting, variety. An accent of necklaces to complete the “morally questionable but unquestionably stylish” look, perfected by guys like Ray Liotta’s Good guys.

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T-shirts Fruit of the Loom without tag (6 pack.)

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Classic T-shirt Zimmerli Royal

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Standard polo sweater with fabric buttons

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Cotton silk knitted sweater Todd Snyder

Put the sweater-vest on the white t-shirt

Tyler Award had to went home with? It is best to use a vest.

Ian West – PA Images

Cut off the sleeves of your favorite sweater, make it out of cotton instead of wool, pair it with a white t-shirt, and voila: you’ll have an unrivaled style for summer layered. We’re not saying you should wear it when you’re on the beach … but will you find yourself in a posh state where the weather can get hectic for a penny? This sweater (and your shiny face) may be the only thing that separates you from the mass of pastel shades.

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T-shirt made of elastic linen Altea

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Uniqlo U T-shirt with short sleeves with a round neckline

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After all, a jacquard vest of the usual cut

The image may contain: clothing, vest and blouse

Jacquard knitted waistcoat Wales Bonner Orchester

Wear a camping shirt with a light jacket

Hyee, Johnny…. in a very joyful, summer-ready combination of jacket and shirt.

Art Zelin

For the same reasons we swear by hiking shirts every summer – they’re light, they come in billions of different colors and patterns – they also make them perfect for layering under an unstructured jacket. Consider moving on to dinner dates, weddings and anytime when clothes arrive. The main thing is that your up-button spoke loudly; to get bonus points, put the collar of your shirt on the lapels of your jacket – just like the previous Miami kings intended.

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Polo Ralph Lauren shirt with folding collar with floral print

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Shirt with white floral print Jacquemus

Image may contain: jacket, clothing, coat, jacket, suit and coat

Unstructured blazer Club Monaco

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Evan Kinori jacket with 3 hemp buttons

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