The NBA also has a playoff pool for players that is much more generous than your office pool.

DALAS – Three games in the NBA Western Conference Finals, it was all Golden State. And now there is a real chance that the Mouse may come out on their home.

Little consolation, but when the Warriors sweep, it costs them

Winning the Warriors on Tuesday would also be a loss for them, as a shorter playoff round deprives them of extra home games. And in the homeland they are known for big money.

One sports writer calls it the post-season ATM Warriors.

He estimates each home game in this round brings in $ 10 million to the Warriors’ box office – and that while most goes to the NBA, about a third of it remains with the team.

Two more home games at the Warriors House against the Mouse may add to the many reasons why Forbes has named the Warriors the second most valuable NBA franchise and the sixth most valuable team in all sports.

This is much higher than the Mavs. But it’s okay if the Mavs can just capture the next four games in a row, then the Warriors will be able to get all that extra money for the home game … in time to count them until it reaches the finals.

Speaking of money and the playoffs … The NBA playoffs are likely to easily outperform your office pool

The NBA has a playoff pool. This is more than your average office pool, where you bet $ 20 and win a couple hundred if you correctly predict the winner.

The NBA has allocated a “pool” of $ 17,317,334. Mavs details how it works. As teams go through the playoffs, most of that money goes to each contender’s “bank”.

Since the Mavs had the fourth-best regular season record in the Western Conference, they received a good deposit in the playoffs of $ 213,867 from the NBA pool. For participation in the first round of the playoffs to the total amount of Mavs was added another $ 258,449.

In the Western Conference semifinals and another $ 307,520 to the Mavs account from the pool. And another $ 508,174 infusion was earned by the Mavs when they reached the Western Conference finals.

The team says players usually vote at the end of the season to decide how to split the prize. As of now, if they had just split it between 17 players, each Mav would have received $ 75,765.29.

If they somehow manage to get past the Warriors and reach the NBA Finals, where they win everything, each of those 17 players will instead receive about $ 252,236 from the NBA Playoff pool.

The rest of us may never think about our office pools again …

Mavs and Warriors are at the forefront of virtual money

The interesting thing about these two teams is that they both have great partnerships in cryptocurrency. Mavs owner Mark Cuban is really invested – he was one of the first to invest his virtual money where his mouth went. For several years, the team accepted digital coins as payment for tickets and merchandise.

And this is a serious commitment: Cuban has shown before he does not convert these coins into fiat (like real dollars).

If you don’t cash out virtual coins, their value fluctuates. It can go both up and down.

In fact, some of the coins that fans could use to buy tickets and knitwear earlier this season have fallen sharply in price. So the good news for Kubin is that he can afford to play a long game.

Which makes me think if this guy owned or kept his coins. He is a fan who in October last year made a throw in the break and a half and won a bitcoin for $ 100,000. If he didn’t turn it into cash, now it costs about half as much.

But who knows what it will be someday. This is the case with the crypt.

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