So the customer idea is always right, it’s like … not really. Maybe if you’re trying to make money and you say, “Anything, just give him everything he wants and charge him.” But in a really good restaurant do not give salt and pepper. They seem to have enough salt here. There’s enough pepper. It went with the sauce that should be. There is no ketchup on the table. But I think now we live in a time when everyone is pushing buttons, everyone feels that everything is provocative or has some kind of agenda.

I think our program is this: we will do what we like, and what we find interesting, and what we find important or interesting to talk about. And we’re going to give our honest point of view on that. And if it upsets people, fine. That’s good. Not to shit Ted Lassowhich I have never seen. But, yes, we don’t want to be Ted Lasso. From what I hear Ted Lasso, it’s a very sincere, good show that everyone feels great. And that’s great. But for us, these episodes should make people talk – also not on the Internet, as in real life.

I think the “Great Retribution” if it made you and your friends talk about reparations, or if “Rich Wigga” made you talk about this black tribunal and what it means to be black, that’s great. And some of those conversations will have controversy. And people will go crazy over things. But I’m sure people don’t come out Ted Lasso like, “Man, I’m ready to fight someone Ted Lasso.“What, it’s a show they’ve done, and it’s great. And people like it, but we don’t want to do it. We want our art to be non-confrontational, but it has to be something where people discuss it and discuss it. be a discussion.

So what awaits you next? Last season is already in the bag. You guys are working Mr. and Mrs. Smith now, is that right?

Yes, we work Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We also have another show called Roy that I’m actually shooting here in Atlanta. It’s about a black serial killer, it will be fun. To do this, we have great actors. And I have a bunch of movie ideas that I really like. There is a movie called The city of the soul what I’m working on, I think it will be very good if it is done. And Donald has some ideas for movies, so we really want to make movies. Of course, we have TV programs. There is a pilot that Swank and I are working on. But I really want to make a movie. I know the movies are in weird space now. An amazing time for the film industry.

You guys are definitely building a real empire together. Or, as Donald would call it, the Death Chamber.

That’s right. People need to understand that we are competitive. The Atlanta writers’ room, we are competitive, Donald is competitive, I am competitive. So we want to do the best. For one thing, you don’t care because you’re an artist, but at the same time we’re also struggling with other artists. Do you know We try to give people the best. And I think that if you realize that you will be delighted with what we come up with.

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