Tulsa, Akla. – Not so long ago it seemed that Jordan Spit would one day win a Grand Slam tournament in his golf career.

Until recently, it seemed that he would never fight again.

After the first three years as a professional skill passed the Tiger’s way, including triumphs at the Masters and US Open in 2015 and the British Open in the 17th, all of a sudden went in the direction of Spit. This sharp blow to the sword, once envied by many, left him, his driver a little lost, and his short game let him down.

The former number 1 went without a win for almost four years, dropping to 92nd place in the world rankings

However, armed with thousands of shots with a converted shot and filled with confidence after winning the Hilton Head and finishing second at Byron Nelson last week, the popular 28-year-old Texan this week arrived again for the PGA Championship among favorites at the Wannamaker Trophy.


Finally, join this most exclusive club.

“Of course, at this point, after winning the other three, it’s an elephant in the room for me,” Spit admitted before going to training on Wednesday. “If you just told me I’m going to win one tournament for the rest of my life, I’d say I want to win this one given what’s going on.”

History is not necessarily on his side.

Of the five players who won the Grand Slam tournament, none waited for the final match for more than three years. Gene Sarazen in 1935, Ben Hogan in 1953 and Tiger Woods in 2000 made it from the first attempt; Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player did not lag behind.

Some of the game’s greatest players also never do that.

Arnold Palmer’s victory at the British Open in 1961 led to the fact that he, like Spit, only needed a PGA to finish, but he played in the tournament 34 times without winning. The unpleasant story of Phil Mickelson, who took second place at the US Open, is well documented. The same tournament is also missing from the summary of three-time PGA champion Sam AIDS. Byron Nelson and Raymond Floyd have never won the British Open, and Lee Trevin has won all major competitions (twice) except the Masters.


“In the long run,” Spit said, “it would be very cool to say that you have captured the four biggest tournaments in the world, held in different parts of the world and also in different styles. You feel like you’re kind of a complete golfer. “

It feels like Rory Machillary, who will play with Spit and Tiger Woods in the first two rounds at Southern Hills, knows all too well. The two-time PGA champion made eight moves, winning the Masters, the only major missing from his own book, and four times hit the top 5, finishing second earlier this year.

“I think the most consistent way to force yourself to have a chance of winning these big championships is to adopt a conservative strategy,” McIlroy said. “Tiger has been doing this for most of his career, and well, he’s had some huge wins, but many times he’s been conservative in his strategy, allowing other guys to make mistakes – couples are pretty good at major championships, and it’s kind of a philosophy I believe in the future. “


Another word for conservative can be intentional, and it’s a good way to describe Spieth these days.

When he got stuck in mediocrity, he tore off the swing and began to rebuild. Spieth conducted a curious rehearsal before the shooting – almost mechanical in nature – designed to take the appropriate position at the right pace. A deliberate routine is not just for driving or training rounds. Spit takes him on a course with him.

“I get to the ball quickly, I play faster than before, I don’t slow down anyone and I do better, more dedicated moves with it,” he explained. “At the moment, that’s where I am and that’s what I’m going to keep doing. It’s just an attempt – as I mentioned before – to go back to move forward, back to my DNA about how I turned the club when it grows. “

As if in 2015, when Spit won the first two major competitions of the year and people started whispering about the Grand Slam. Or a couple of years later when he added Claret pitcher to his trophy, leaving only the PGA, which is still missing.


“You want to win any major award,” said Justin Thomas, “and this one will always be a little bigger for him on the podium than the others. I know he’ll be fine. And I’m not saying that just because that he is one of my best friends. I mean, I just saw him play when he plays badly. I’ve seen him play well when he plays well. We are all experiencing little jerks. It’s just for him, it was just hard. I mean, he’ll be fine. “


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