TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A group of Texas educators has proposed teaching second graders that slavery is “involuntary resettlement.”

They asked the Texas State Board of Education, which sets the state curriculum, to make the changes.

But according to the Texas Education Agency, or TEA, “any claim that the State Board of Education is considering downplaying the role of slavery in American history is completely false.”

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The TEA responded on Twitter, saying “statements circulating on social media about how the history of slavery is taught are patently false. The Texas Education Agency does not make curriculum recommendations to the State Board of Education. Instead, the SBOE — through committee work — determines state standards, usually through a lengthy process involving many projects.’

The TEA also shared the minutes of the June 15 meeting that raised the issue.

“As documented in the meeting minutes, the SBOE provided feedback during the meeting indicating that the task force needed to change the wording regarding ‘forced resettlement,’” the government agency shared.

Click here to read the various drafts of the new curriculum standards.

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