SAN ANTONIA – The non-profit organization “Soldiers’ Angels” conducts an annual collection and collects hygiene items, puzzles and snacks to send them to the US military, which is currently deployed.

“We are going for the third year. It started when we had a surge after Iraq’s attack on U.S. troops in 2020 or late 2019, so we received a number of requests for aid packages for troops heading to Iraq, so we continued this program because we continue to receive requests on aid packages, ”said Chris Chun, vice president of Soldiers’ Angels programs.

People across the country are taking part in the Go Camo Care Package Collection Drive. This year they have already received goods worth $ 20,000, ”Chun said.

There are ways you can help, including setting up a collection, purchasing items and sending them to a nonprofit or through monetary donations.

“The items we’re looking for the most this year are hygiene items, travel size, shampoo, razors and toothbrushes,” Chun said.


Army veteran Rich Scott still keeps some notes that were in the care packages that were sent to him.

“The first aid package I received was my first shipment to Afghanistan almost 20 years ago. I just remember that we all lacked stocks and some people missed the last replenishment. There was no replenishment for another week, but thanks to aid packages sent from friends and family, we were able to have the things we needed on hand without waiting for replenishment, ”Scott said.

Scott now works for Soldiers’ Angels and is grateful for participating in the program.

“Just being on that path, being able to put it for them, being able to support them that way, I didn’t want to do anything else,” Scott said.

To learn about the program, you can click here.

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