SAN ANTONIA – The city of San Antonio will open its cooling centers to help residents take a break from the heat expected from Saturday to Monday.

100 degrees of heat is expected this weekend.

WEEKEND FORECAST: Very hot on Mother’s Day in San Antonio

On Saturdays and Sundays during normal business hours, the city will open all 16 cooling centers in its libraries.

However, on Monday there will be 25 cooling centers, including all city libraries and nine centers for the elderly in normal operation.

Cooling centers open this weekend (KSAT)

Cooling center sites

Central Library

600 Saledad

San Antonio 78205


PHONE: 210-207-2500

Carver Branch Library

3350 E Commerce St

San Antonio 78220

PHONE: 210-207-9180

Cody Branch Library

11441 Vance Jackson Rd

San Antonio 78230

PHONE: 210-207-9100

Collins Garden Branch Library

200 N Park Blvd.

San Antonio 78204


PHONE: 210-225-0331

Encino Branch Library

2515 E Evans Rd

San Antonio 78259

PHONE: 210-207-9250

Large northwestern branch library

9050 Wellwood St.

San Antonio 78250

PHONE: 210-207-9210

Iga Branch Library

13330 Kyle Seale Pkwy

San Antonio 78249


PHONE: 210-207-9080

Landa Branch Library

233 Bushnell Ave.

San Antonio 78212

PHONE: 210-207-9090

Maverick Branch Library

8700 Mystic Park

San Antonio 78254

PHONE: 210-207-9060

McClelles Branch Library

1023 Hell

San Antonio 78223

PHONE: 210-207-9170

Mission Library Branch


3134 Roosevelt Ave.

San Antonio 78214

PHONE: 210-207-2704

Parman Branch Library in Stone Oak

20735 Desert Oak

San Antonio 78258

PHONE: 210-207-2703

San Pedro Branch Library

1315 San Pedro Avenue

San Antonio 78212

PHONE: 210-207-9050

Schaefer Branch Library


6322 USA Hwy 87 E

San Antonio 78222

PHONE: 210-207-9300

Semmes Branch Library

15060 Judson Rd

San Antonio 78247

PHONE: 210-207-9110

Thousand Oaks Branch Library

4618 Thousand Oaks Dr

San Antonio 78233

PHONE: 210-207-9190

Alicia’s senior center Trevin Lopez


8353 Culebra Rd

San Antonio 78251

PHONE: 210-558-0178

Claude Black Community Center (District 2)

2805 E Commerce St

San Antonio 78202

PHONE: 210-207-5233

District 2 Senior Center

1751 S WW White Rd

San Antonio 78220

PHONE: 210-207-5390

District 5 Senior Center


2701 S Press st

San Antonio 78210

PHONE: 210-207-5270

Frank Garrett Multiservice Center

1226 NW 18th st

San Antonio 78207

PHONE: 210-207-1700

Northeast Senior Center

4135 A thousand oaks

San Antonio 78233

PHONE: 210-207-4590

West End Park Integrated Senior Center


1226 NW 18th st

San Antonio 78207

PHONE: 210-207-1720

Bob Ross Senior Center

2219 Babcock Rd

San Antonio 78229

PHONE: 210-207-5300

Southside Lions Senior Center

3303 Pecan Valley Dr

San Antonio 78210

PHONE: 210-207-1760

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