Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax that Democratic Gov. Kathy Hachul knocked herself out by asking Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., why crime is “so important” to him.

“I thought the moment she said it — I wrote it down — the moment she said it: I said ‘knockout blow — self-inflicted,'” Giuliani told “Saturday Report.” “And not to take anything away from Lee — he had a great debate.”

Giuliani said Hochul’s infamous gaffe was on top of poor debates by the incumbent governor, who he predicts will leave office in scandal if Zeldin wins on Nov. 8.

“I think he’s going to win the election more than the debate,” Giuliani told host Rita Cosby.

“She did one thing in a debate that you can’t do — you can win or lose it, and still win or lose an election — you can’t say a phrase that lives after you in infamy, can you? And she has set a line that we will remember in 10 years.”

Khachul, responding to Zeldin’s push about why the Democratic governor didn’t mention New York’s crime rate midway through the debate, said criminals face “consequences” but added that she doesn’t understand why the issue is “so important” for Zeldin.

“I tweeted: She just showed us why New York has so much crime; we have a governor who doesn’t understand that New York has a lot of crime,” Giuliani said. “She’s not doing anything about it, and she may be the main cause of it with the curfew.”

Giuliani noted that many of the Democratic debates in recent weeks have been damaging to their campaigns, largely because they did not address the key issues of this election cycle: crime, inflation and the economy.

“I watched almost all of these Democrats debate; they probably have some political adviser telling them not to deal with the issues that hurt them, so they go for abortions, or they go for some other, you know, concern issue. to which only their people belong — or the most extreme of their people — and then they avoid what’s important,” Giuliani commented.

“I think there’s an advisor telling them not to solve problems. You’re better off if you don’t solve problems.”

Giuliani added to Cosby, given the recent debates and polls, “there’s no way we’re not going to have a good election day.”

“I think it’s going to be the red wave that I’ve been thinking about,” Giuliani concluded. “A month ago, I thought that maybe we exaggerated: that we would win, but it wouldn’t be so decisive.


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