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Abbott’s Runoff supporters are responding to his comments on the school’s choice

On Monday night, Gov. Greg Abbott offered his fullest support for school selection legislation.

He told the crowd in San Antonio: “The proliferation of parents means the ability to send your child to any public, statutory or private school with state funding after the student.”

Such support, if it remains, means that at the next session the legislative ball is in the legislature for the adoption of potential legislation. Leitz Governor Dan Patrick, who controls the Texas Senate with an iron fist, voiced it is supported by Abbott’s comments.

Meanwhile, the very nature of the Texas home means it will be more mixed. This was recently asked by radio host Chris Salseda, Speaker Dade Phelan said only 40-45 members out of 150 in support took part in the test voting of school vouchers at the last session.

Ebat took part in a number of races based on the results of the vote of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, some of his endorsers in the past outwardly opposed vouchers.

Texan asked everyone to react to the comments. Click below to hear what they said:

District Candidate The answer
12 Kyle Kakal * Didn’t answer.
19 Justin Berry “Yes, I agree with the governor in this statement.”
23 Patrick Gursky Didn’t answer.
52 Caroline Harris “I agree with Governor Abbott. We need to give parents and students more opportunities in education. Families should be able to choose a school that provides quality education, without critical race theory and sexually inappropriate content. ”
60 Glen Rogers * Didn’t answer.
61 Frederick Fraser Didn’t answer.
63 Ben Bamgarner Didn’t answer.
70 Jamie Jolie Didn’t answer.
73 Baron Castille Didn’t answer.
84 Carl Tapper Didn’t answer.
91 Stephanie Click * Didn’t answer.
93 Laura Hill “We need to ensure that every child in Texas can get an excellent education. This is our responsibility, and the current system needs to be improved. I am excited to work with Governor Abbott to accomplish this work. “

* Actor

The Texas controller weighs the movement of the ESG

Texas Comptroller Glen Hegar Criticizes Movement for Environment, Social and Government (ESG) making a profit this week in corporate America.

The ESG is a financial valuation system that determines how much investment is directed or shared, and to whom, based on factors such as the environment and adherence to mostly left-wing social causes.

“Many companies and their management are seeking [ESG] a program that not only threatens the Texas economy and jobs, but also undermines national security, ”Hegar said. “This is happening at a time when Texas oil and natural gas must play a key role in supporting the American economy and providing security for our allies abroad.”

Hegar is tasked with estimating Texas pensions for public investment in companies that promote such policies, especially those that boycott the fossil fuel industry. So far, the controller’s office has installed 19 companies suspected of oil and gas boycott policies and more Another 150 offering investment funds to boycott fossil fuels.

“By identifying such companies, we can make a contribution to ensure that Texas does not invest public funds along with those involved in this two-minded scheme. Texas will not sit idly by while Washington and Wall Street tell a tale that has real negative consequences for the Texas economy, our energy independence and our national security. ”

Changes in the composition of the Senate Committee

The Senate State Affairs Committee acquired two members this week when Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick added Senators Lois Colchhorst (R-Branham) and Paul Betancourt (R-Houston).

It is time to replace Senator Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound) and Beverly Powell (D-Burleson).

Nelson announced she retired last year and went on to re-election. Powell, whose district shifted from the battlefield to the strongly Republican after redistribution, fell her re-election in April after she said it became clear she could not win in the new constituency.

Powell’s lawsuit against the state for transferring obscenity has not been resolved.

“The Senate State Affairs Committee has been tasked this intermediate time to study key issues, and following news that Senator Nelson and Senator Powell will step down, I have appointed Senator Betancourt and Senator Calkhorst in their place, so important committee work can continue continuously before 88 “Legislative session,” Patrick said of the move.

Interim charges for the State Affairs Committee include assessment of the consequences of the decision of the Court of Appeal on criminal cases that the Attorney General cannot prosecute accusations of election fraud; identifying the implications of the Texas Heartbeat Act, which prohibits abortion after the heartbeat is detected and instructs citizens, not governments, to perform tasks; the implications of prosecutorial opinion policies in some counties; and an assessment of state pension systems for politically or socially oriented investments.

In the committee next meeting scheduled for May 25.

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