WASHINGTON – One of the last Democrats in Congress to oppose abortion is taking part in the first round in Texas to stay in place.

In the Atlanta suburbs, two Democratic candidates are vying for a seat in the House of Representatives after the Republican-dominated Georgian legislature falsified its cards.

And in northwestern Georgia, far-right MP Marjorie Taylor Green, a provocateur involved in the conspiracy, has a huge advantage in fundraising as she faces several major Republican contenders in her Republican-leaning constituency.


Tuesday’s primary elections in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota and Texas will give an idea of ​​what the next Congress might look like, and some contests will test whether voters want to elect agents of change or return to normal life.

Here are some races:


Moderate Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar has become an eternal target for progressives. But so far the congressman against abortion has prevailed in a series of close races in the predominantly Spanish-speaking area that stretches from the Rio Grande to San Antonio.

For the second cycle in a row, 28-year-old immigration lawyer and abortion advocate Jessica Cisneras is seeking to end Cuellar’s ​​nearly 20-year tenure. In the March primaries, she forced Cuellar to pass the second round after gaining less than 1,000 votes.


Heading to the competition on Tuesday, she may gain new benefits after a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling revealed that judges are ready to overturn Rowe’s historic 1973 ruling against Wade, which grants a constitutional right to abortion.

“We are witnessing the fall of Roe and the erosion of our fundamental rights,” Cisneras said earlier this month. “The last thing we want is to keep a small Democratic majority and then have someone like Henry Cuellar who will continue to side with the Republicans.”

Earlier this year, the FBI raided Kuellar’s house in the border town of Lareda as part of an investigation into the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan. Cuellar’s lawyer says he has been acquitted and is not the subject of an investigation. But the problem is serious enough that Cuellar’s associates sent out direct mail advertisements with a fictitious newspaper headline stating that he had been “cleansed.”


Cuellar is supported by Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and others in the leadership of the Democratic House. But he was also struck by a wave of $ 1 million in negative advertising, while little was spent on the Cisneros attack.


Marjorie Taylor Green once suggested that Jewish-controlled space lasers caused wildfires in California. She also unjustifiably claimed that the two Muslim congress women were not “really official” because they did not take the oath on the Bible. And one day she shouted through the mail slot of a Congressional office, challenging New York City’s Alexandria representative Acacia-Cortes to “get rid of diapers” and “talk to American citizens.”

And that was all before voters in northwest Georgia decided to elect to Congress in 2020 a marginal conservative and conspiracy theorist.


Since then, Green’s rhetoric and provocations have only continued, culminating in Democrats taking a rare step by stripping her of her duties on the committee. The opposition only helped turn her into a conservative star and a grand fan, and the Republican leadership showed a reluctance to challenge her.

Now in her first re-election campaign in the all-red district of northwestern Georgia, Green is facing several contenders, including health consultant Jennifer Strehan, who has called herself a “reckless conservative” alternative to Green.

If Republicans regain a majority in the House of Representatives in November, according to history, Green could win another victory: Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, who is due to become Speaker of the House of Representatives, said she would not just get back her duties on the committee; she is likely to receive a promotion.



When Jim Hagedorn, a Republican MP, died of kidney cancer in February, his widow, former Minnesota Republican chairman Jennifer Carnahan, said her husband’s wish was for her to succeed him and represent southern Minnesota in Congress.

The race went wrong.

Even before announcing his application, Carnahan’s friendship with a Republican donor accused by a federal court of trafficking in minors sparked a fiery storm. Then last year there was a record in which she said, “Jim will die in two years. Let it be so. ”Last week, the family of her deceased husband sued her when they tried to return the money they had lent him for cancer treatment, which they said she should have returned to them.


The drama, which local Republican officials likened to a “garbage fire,” allowed two other candidates to break through.

Brad Finstadt, a former state MP and USDA official, has received much support from the party establishment. Americans for Prosperity, an organization founded by billionaire industrialists and the Koch brothers, and the Republican group American Dream Federal Action spent $ 1.4 million on advertising in support of it.

Meanwhile, state spokesman Jeremy Manson is acting as an outsider who is “100% for life. 100% Pro-Gun. 100% conservative. Manson, who proposed a law that allows Minnesota counties to secede and join the border states, is backed by the rigid right-wing freedom of the House of Representatives.

Former Hormel CEO Jeff Oettinger is vying for nomination from the Democratic Party from a tough Republican constituency.



After the 2020 census, Republican-dominated Georgian legislature crossed the boundaries of the Atlanta suburbs from Democratic MP Lucy McBate, turning it into a stronghold of the Republican Party. They also redrawn another chair in the Atlanta area, making Democratic MP Caroline Bourdais constituency reliably democratic.

So Macbeth, a nationally known arms security advocate, first elected in 2018, went shopping in the district – and decided to challenge Bourdain, a college professor in his first term. Now, having millions of dollars at the expense of outside groups supporting it, Macbeth has a huge advantage over Tuesday’s primaries.

Macbeth talked about his compelling personal story. She is a black woman whose son was killed by a white man during a 2012 stereo volume dispute. She has since called herself a “mother on a mission” and has vowed to pass a gun security law in Congress, though there is no hope. This is because of the effective republican opposition.


Although the two share many of the same political goals, Bourdain is outraged by Macbath’s exchange of districts, subtly hinting that her rival, who has become a rival, is the driver.

She also sharply criticized the spending of cryptocurrency billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, who this year poured millions of dollars into primary races in the U.S., including $ 2 million spent in support of McBath. The motive, Bourdain argues, is to buy support from Congress at a time when the industry is first facing the prospect of federal regulation. Macbeth ignored calls to give up financial aid.

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