A few weeks ago, a friend of mine texted me in a panic. His boyfriend quizzed him about the state of his PJs (or lack thereof) and he admitted that he’d never paid much attention to them before. Help me– he prayed. I’m a big sleeper and I really don’t need extra fabric weighing me down when I’m trying to catch a few Z’s. I’d love to swoon in a luscious set of Zegna fabrics, but are there any budget options available? (I’m editing a bit, but you get the point.)

Lucky you my man, I answered eagerly. I sent him a link to this beautiful set from J.Crew and then promptly forgot about it. Until he hit me again a couple of weeks later.

Hey… These jams go extremely hard. Would it be crazy if I started wearing panties like regular shorts?!

hey… I replied beaming with pride. Now you’re thinking with the distinct curiosity of a GQ editor. That wouldn’t be crazy!

My friend was onto something. As it happened, I had just bought Baserange’s Ole Shorts, crisp cotton pajama-style shorts that were passed off as semi-presentable day wear. The genre was already in my head. And the more I pondered the question, the more absurd it seemed to relegate star shorts exclusively to the bedroom. I am a peacockI imagined those pajamas pitifully screaming: Yyou must let me fly!

In terms of pure aesthetics, there’s not much that differentiates these types of shorts from a classic pair of boxers, except for the fully enclosed harness, waist tie, and wider inseam. They are lightweight, small in size and cut to float around the knees with plenty of room to breathe. Think of them as a not-too-distant relative of the shorts you’d pack to soak up the rays in Portofino; less saggy, shapeless and athletic, more Nicholson Something has to give.

Together, they form one half of a great closed-eye kit. But with a rumpled bucket hat, rumpled oxford shirt and penny loafers? And even better – tinted shades, light linen button-ups and fisherman’s sandals?! Dreams really do come true.

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