The first round of Texas summer seems to be giving way to more normal weather for a while, but as we get closer to real weather patterns in the summer, a recent dress rehearsal should remind people who love the outdoors what they need. to stay healthy in the heat.

Whether you work outdoors or spend time there, nothing will spoil the day like a disease associated with heat. I spent my five decades mostly in Texas, and although I know how to safely survive the summer heat, I occasionally approached the red line of heat stress.

When you are on the water, you are dealing not only with the sun shining on you, but also with the rays reflected from the surface. The two main ways to stay healthy are moisturizing and protecting your skin, but there are other strategies to have a good time in a Texas blast furnace known as daylight saving time.

Fishing in low light, such as at dawn and dusk, will not only allow you to avoid the heat and daylight, but it is also the best time to feed perch. Like all creatures, they look for the most comfortable places to stay, and in the hot hours the bass moves to deeper waters where the light is diffused and the temperature is lower. During periods of low light, they usually move to smaller areas to ambush prey. You can still fish while it is in deep water, and the bait is an effective versatile tool that will allow you to adjust the depth and speed until you find sweet spots.

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Other things to protect yourself in the heat include wearing light and light clothing, taking breaks from direct sunlight, periodically wetting your hat and shirt and continuing to drink plenty of water. Beer is cold and moist, but it is against moisturizing the body.

Signs of heat stress include exhaustion, headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, thirst, heavy sweating, fever and irritability. If you ignore them, you can expect to start experiencing disorientation, slurred speech, seizures, and possibly death.

Warehouse report

Catch a lot of fish is not accidental. Virtually everyone can catch fish from time to time thanks to dumb luck, but consistently successful fishermen have a combination of know-how, gear, imagination and the ability to adapt in their combat chests.

But even the best of us can’t catch fish without it, and that’s why scientists from Texas Parks and Wildlife work year-round to ensure the bait is waiting for something regardless of your skill level.

Fisheries biologists regularly sample populations in Texas waters, and based on their findings they plan and implement stocking strategies to keep our lakes and streams healthy.

So far this month, TPWD teams have stockpiled 86,000 hybrid striped perch on Lake Wake, 210,000 striped perch on Lake Whitney along with 10,000 perch in the Whitney Dam strips and more than 2 million hybrid striped perch on Lake Belton.

But do not have enough gear and try to catch them. The fish that were stored were either fry or young, which means that these batches will be ready for fishing, will take two to three years.

Here’s the fall

Watching the perch pull to the surface, spraying splashes around, dancing its tail and rubbing its head on the water is exciting, but experienced anglers know when this happens, your chances of getting that bass in your hand are greatly reduced.

Bass uses a number of tricks to release, such as wrapping around submerged stumps or other structures, but coming out of the water allows them to use unlimited force to shake the hook. If you catch a perch, keep the tip of the fishing rod low, even by dipping the tip into the water, and use subtlety to keep the fish from getting out of the water. Catching them is much more fun than watching them spit on you bait.

Fishing for things other than fish

You never know what you might find on the shores of Lake Waco. Humans have lived in Central Texas for over 10,000 years, and sometimes you can find artifacts of that time. I found a number of arrowheads and other tools that were made and used by ancient people, as well as things from recent history.

But long before people inhabited the area, Central Texas was under the sea, and marine fossil evidence is everywhere. When I was a kid, I found my first petrified shark tooth on the beach at Airport Park, and this amazing find sparked my interest in digging in the mud.

From a legal standpoint, it is illegal to remove any artifacts from federal property, including the lake.

Classic bohemian bass

People in the West definitely know how to throw a party, and today’s weigh-in at the 41st annual bohemian bass classic at Parsons Pier on Lake Whitney should be entertaining, not just seeing quality fish. The weigh-in will begin at 2 p.m., the festivities are likely to continue until the evening.

In memory

Condolences to the family and friends of fishing legend Ray Scott. Scott along with my predecessor Earl Golding were pioneers in the competitive fishing industry.

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