McKinney police stepped up patrols to handle complaints of excessive speeding and racing on Highway 121. Thirty tickets were issued in three hours.

McKinney, Texas — The McKinney Police Department has increased patrols as public concerns about speeding and racing increase.

Over the past couple of days, the traffic department has focused its attention on Highway 121 (Sam Rayburn Tollway) between Central Expressway and Custer Road.

“It doesn’t surprise me. Speeding is the highest-ranked safety issue in the Metroplex,” said Duncan Webb, chairman of the Regional Transportation Council.

The regional transportation board addressed the issue of speeding and racing as part of a safety report Thursday. The council approved approximately $9 million that the cities will use for enforcement and education.

While speeding is the main concern, distracted driving is a close second.

The fatality rate is on the rise, forcing state and local authorities to find ways to slow down drivers.

Webb said one theory for the increase in speeding problems isn’t working out.

“It’s a difficult conversation to have to give police departments time to re-staff. They have to go catch the bad guys,” said Michael Morris, director of transportation for the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

The reality is that many police departments have yet to return to pre-pandemic staffing levels.

Two days in a row, McKinney police officers issued 30 tickets in three hours.

But the most surprising thing is how many drivers accelerated above 100 mph. In a social media post Thursday, McKinney Police Department officers shared data from a radar gun at 110 mph.

“It’s scary … very scary,” Webb said, hoping the grant money will help with just that. “We’re trying to help cities financially so they can put more officers in the corridor.”

McKinney’s traffic unit will work in special agencies until they see better compliance.

The McKinney Police Department has a website that allows people to report traffic violations or unsafe driving behavior.

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