Dallas created the biggest offense in the series, which was led by Rup Hinz and Michael Ruffle.

DALAS – Rup Hinz, Michael Ruffle, Mira Heiskanen and Tyler Sagin scored for the Stars, with Dallas winning 4-2 in Game 6 of their first round of the Western Conference with the Calgary Flames.

The victory of the “Stars” gives the result in the series with a score of 3-3 and forces to hold the decisive 7th game on Sunday night at 20:30 CT in Calgary.

For the first time in the series, Dallas surpassed the Flames, finally creating some chaos in front of goal, which head coach Rick Bownes asked his team to provide. Dallas had 40 shots and the Flames had 38.

“We wanted to follow them the whole game,” Bownes said afterwards. Mission accomplished.

After Calgary had an 18-10 lead in the SOG in the first period, the Stars finished off Jacob Markstrom by the end of the road, ahead of the Flames 30-20.

“You saw it all night, the guys wanted more,” said Forward forward Joe Pavelsky. “We played this game with a purpose, and it allowed us to achieve those things.”

The stars don’t stay home.

“I know we shouldn’t play, we should be on golf vacation,” Bownes said. “But we’re not here to be someone’s stepping stone to the second round.”

Dallas opened the scoring when Rup Hinz took a pass from Joe Paulski and flew past Jacob Markstrom, leading Dallas 1-0 to 14:52 in the first period.

Star goalkeeper Jake Oettinger has stopped all 18 shots he faced in the first period. He eventually stopped 36 of the Flames ’38 shots in the game.

The “Stars” gave the “Calgary” an early position when Marian Studenich was whistling for a combination at the 5:30 mark of the first period. But “Dallas” was able to repel the advantage of “Flames”, despite the fact that “Calgary” struck three shots on goal.

The Stars doubled their advantage in the middle of the second period when Joel Kiviranta severely repulsed the net from the Flames ’turnover and created an opportunity to get out of Markstrom’s cage. Ruffle flew to finish the job, and put Dallas ahead 2-0.

But in just a few minutes the Flame will respond, revealing its first count of the night. Johnny Hadro led an amazing man who rushed into the zone, and fed Michael Stone, who hit him from behind to bring the Flames 2-1.

The Stars gave the Calgary another strong play when Ryan Souter was invited to intervene at a 9:58 mark for the second period. As soon as his power game was over, the Flames leveled the game when Michael Becklund punched the ball past the goal past Oettinger, ending the game 2-2.

But in the last minutes of the third period Mira Heiskanen brought Dallas back ahead. The Stars ’best defender danced past the Flames defender, freed himself and punched the puck past Backstrom to give Dallas a 3-2 lead in the final 20.

“Miro was dynamic tonight. No puck, no puck. And when it’s on, you love watching him play hockey,” Bownes said. “So balanced, so smooth.”

Dallas had a great opportunity to finally score a goal when in the third period Joe Paulski was in the cage. But Markstrom made a sensational, stretched save with his left foot, just getting in front of the puck on the goal line to keep the game 3-2.

The stars added an empty net, thanks to Tyler Sagin, to set the final 4-2 advantage.

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