Tulsa, Akla. – Last in the second round of the PGA Championship (all local):


11:15 a.m.

Tiger Woods made an 8-footer for the buggies on par-4 ninth at the PGA Championship on Saturday, scoring one of the worst nine-hole results in C major. On a cold and windy morning on the Southern Hills he finished the front at 6-41.

Woods hit his tee shot into the water on the second and made a scarecrow. On the sixth he made another throw into the water and then hit the ball and made a triple kick. He also missed 7 feet on par on the seventh before scaring him on the ninth.

The last hole in the front was an amazing adventure.

Woods drove into the fairway bunker 100 yards from Green when his next shot hit his lip, which rose sharply in front of him. Since Woods was no longer in the bunker, he was allowed to fall freely within the stick from the spot, which allowed him to lie well in the fairway. He still didn’t have enough greenery from there.



10:30 a.m.

Tiger Woods made two shots in the water through his first six holes during the third round of the PGA Championship, including one on the sixth Saturday of Par-3, which resulted in a triple tragedy.

The trouble began at par-4 seconds when Woods found a winding stream from the tee but managed to make a swamp.

Through four holes he hit another tee into the water at 218-yard six, and things got messy. He played from the fall zone and hit the rough left side of the green, then left his serve to the surface for patenting. Woods finally jumped to 2 feet and made a shot for six that left him 7 over the championship.

Woods did not have a penalty in his first two rounds at the Southern Hills.


9:30 a.m.

Tiger Woods picked up the spot where he stopped at the PGA Championship, but not for long.

At the end of the second round Woods made five of the last six holes, including a pair of 15-foot punches that allowed him to rally to make a cut on the Southern Hills.


The third round he started with a 15-foot kick. But on the second hole Woods put his tee into the winding stream. It was his first penalty of the week. He ended up with a whip and was 4th in the tournament. The conditional number at number 3 left him 1 per round.

The temperature had not yet risen to 60 degrees, and Luis Ostheisen arrived in a full scarf to cope with the chills.

From the first beginners, Web Simpson 2 is smaller through four holes, but hardly takes up much space.


8 a.m.

Due to the wind, with rain at the PGA Championship on Saturday.

The Southern Hills had about half an inch of rain in the morning, as well as a lightning show that delayed the start of the third round by about 30 minutes. This made the course a little softer as it started to get hard.

Will Zalataris leads by one ball and will not leave the game until early in the day. On deck is Tiger Woods, who showed a great fight in his finish for 69 to make a cut to one.


Woods was 12 shots behind.


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