For Liu, Cheng inspired the gay community of Asia only by existence. “He was the only open queer superstar in the’ 90s, ”he says. “And being accepted by fans – thanks to his unique charisma and artistic achievements – he really showed that gays can be beautiful themselves … He was a significant figure for me and for my circle of gay friends. He showed us the silver lining. We hoped to come out and be proud, but we were not yet ready to fight the real world. ”

In 2019, Sandoval became the first colored trans-woman to direct (and star) in a film participating in the Venice Film Festival, with her sensual thriller about social justice. Lingua Franca. Sandoval says she found inspiration in Cheng’s refusal to comply with gender norms. “I like that Leslie hugged and reveled in her quirks enough to show what made him sexy, exciting and unique,” she said. GQ. “He was fearless, he didn’t care what you thought, and he wasn’t just going to fit comfortably in neat little boxes to please you.”

Designer and restaurateur Umberto Leon, partner at the opening ceremony of a downtown fashion boutique and now chief marketing officer of Chifa restaurant in Los Angeles, learned Chinese while watching Chung and Anita Mui’s movies and variety shows. “His wealth and splendor were very appealing to me,” says Leon, “to see an Asian man be so cool.” Lyavon continued: “I looked at the muse. It was like what you feel inside, but someone lives outside … In creative terms, it has always been in the depths of my mind as a board of mood for someone I love, who really paved the way for me.

Even basic pop culture is not immune to Chung’s influence. Earlier this year, a BTS V member released a clip from the memorable mamba Cheng Days of wild life in his Instagram and later published a video in which he repeats these steps. Similarly, Korean actor Yu A-in posted on his Instagram vinyl Leslie Chun.

Bushwick bar Mood Ring, which aims to be a safe place for LGBTQ + people of color, is shamelessly inspired by Wong’s filmography In the mood for love– a reference to the name of the cocktail in honor of Tony Leung. Accordingly, a Happy together neon sign and a Days of wild life (another of Wong’s three films in which Chun starred) the tapestry takes pride of place. “For those of us who love him, Leslie is the undisputed icon and forever star of the heartthrob of our greatest dreams,” Mood Ring founders Vanessa Lee and Bowen Goch said in an email. “His performance in [Happy Together] it breaks our hearts … He left us something we will think about for centuries ”.

Ho Chung disappears about halfway Happy togetherbut his ghost remains. When Lai of Lyung cries into a tape recorder or goes shopping in public restrooms, he – and we – think of Cheng. I like it In the mood for love, Happy together it is a film whose title betrays it. A film about how to be sick at home, about how to be sick of love, about the struggle of immigrants and the inability to return to better times – all always talk about how to return home to Happy togetherbut they never get there. “I didn’t regret it until I met you,” Lai says at one point to Ho. “Now my regrets can kill me.”

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