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Cross Country presenter Lawrence Jones said Americans could no longer count on the government to be safe in Saturday’s monologue, and offered his own story where he was affected by the Second Amendment.

Lawrence Jones: Appointed by President Biden Governor Hochul and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown: You are not only missing the cause of the problem, but you are miles away from proposing a solution. That’s why people don’t trust you. And that’s why people trust the Second Amendment. But the left has long expressed its contempt for the Second Amendment and its disgust for those who support it.

NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNIST accuses of inaccurate claims to demand ban on “semi-automatic rifles”

I had just witnessed an attempted car theft, a car accident, and all four suspects fled the scene. I approached the host to make sure he was okay. We called the police, but unfortunately they did not show up for about 25 minutes. We respect our men and women in blue, but they lack staff and they are nervous about the work they are asked to do. The reckless rhetoric of our leaders in recent years has not helped either. The reality is that we can no longer put our security in the hands of the government. They let us down. My hero Frederick Douglas once said, “Human rights lie in three boxes. In the ballot box, the jury box and the ammunition box. ” We have constitutional rights. And we have the right to use them all, period.


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