Jacksonville, Florida – Placekicker’s lawsuit against Josh Lamb against Jacksonville Jaguars may reveal more details about the turbulent stay of former coach Urban Meyer in the NFL.

Lamb’s lawyer is looking for a variety of records relating to Meyer’s time with the team, including “any documentation of abuse or toxic behavior in the workplace under Meyer’s direction and any investigations into these allegations.”

On Monday, Lamb filed a lawsuit in the Fourth District Court of Duvall County, demanding compensation in excess of $ 30,000 for emotional distress and reputational damage caused by Meyer.

The Jaguars fired Meyer on Dec. 15, hours after the Tampa Bay Times reported that Meyer had kicked Lambe in the leg during training months earlier. Meyer was fired for a reason, though the team insists Lambo’s accusation has nothing to do with owner Shad Khan’s decision to part with the longtime college coach.


Lamb, the fourth most accurate kicker in NFL history, missed an attempt to score in each of Jacksonville’s first two preseason games. In practice, before the final show game in August, Lamba says he stretched when Mayer approached him, kicked him in the leg and said, “Hey (swearing), do your (swearing) kicking!”

Lamba says he told Meyer never to beat him again, but Meyer replied, “I’m the head coach on the ball. I will push you if I want (swearing).

Jaguars declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Lambo’s lawsuit includes a request for a jury trial and a long list of requests for detection against Jaguars:

Among them:

—Documentation related to Lamb’s internal investigation into Meyer’s conduct.

—Documentation relating to a third-party investigation into Lamb’s objections to Meyer’s conduct, including any final reports or recommendations made by third-party investigators.


—Documentation related to other investigations into Meyer’s workplace behavior in 2021 or 2022.

—Documentation showing Jaguars’ efforts to inform the NFL or the NFL Players Association about Meyer’s behavior in the workplace.

-Text messages, emails, notes, voice messages and audio / video materials concerning Meyer’s response to Lamb’s initial complaint that he had been beaten and abused in practice.

-Text messages, emails, notes, voice messages and audio / video footage concerning the interaction of Meyer and Lamb after a player’s complaint.

—Documentation concerning Lamb’s position in the team in 2021 and its termination.

—Docute other instances of Mayer’s unpleasant, abusive, violent, or hostile actions toward other employees, coaches, and players.

—Documentation of any communication between Jaguars management regarding other employees’ reports of unprofessional, bullying, abusive, or toxic behavior by Mayer in the workplace.


– Audio or video recordings or documentation of any tirades, obscene language or antics by Meyer to coaches, players or staff in 2021.

—Document the efforts of Jaguars management to consult, correct, or otherwise combat Meyer’s behavior in the workplace in 2021.


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