The tree of probabilities, which grows out of teenage fame, may be awkward, but Joe Jonas – a former boy-eating heartthrob, and the current male band (?) Heartthrob slash well-heeled man from the city – seems to have found a good branch. Joe and his wife, actress Sophie Turner, are expecting their second child. He has new music on the horizon with his band DNCE, which does not belong to the brothers. And lately, he’s been leaning heavily towards what we’ll call the Dimes Square look: a combination of 70s, 90s and early fashion with irony.

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 3: Joe Jonas and wife Sophie Turner go to Soho on May 3, 2022 in New York. (Photo by Raymond Hall / GC Images)Raymond Hall

One day he walks in a pair of perfect blue jeans, a walnut-brown work jacket and a cheeky Joe’s Diner T-shirt (scream Lee, Massachusetts!); then he was in Emily Dawn Long’s knitted cap, motorcycle jacket and pants with spikes. Indeed, this man is a virtuoso in trousers, he has a seemingly endless supply of freshly decorated denim: tight-fitting vintage pairs, many double knees. Add a little dull hair and shades of Odessa 1919 and it’s ready.

In fact, according to Sophie, Joe may even try too hard: “He surprisingly puts in a little more effort than I do,” Turner said. Vogue last year. “He always took high fashion and got dressed. I thought it was mental how he would wear jeans during a pandemic while we were just sitting at home. I thought, what kind of serial killer is this? ”

In that sense, Jonas, like actor Ryan Reynolds, is a good example celebrity day wear: what famous people wear when they are dressed on the street and not on the red carpet. After all, the camera is always watching.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK CITY – MAY 6: Joe Jonas was seen in Manhattan on May 6, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Robert Kamau / GC Images)Robert Kamov

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