DALAS – Cornerback Arizona Cardinals and outstanding Texas Christian University graduate Jeff Gladney was among two people killed in a car crash Monday morning downtown, a WFAA teammate confirmed.

According to Detective Raoul Raine, it is believed that the victims were driving at speed in their car and cut another car behind. It is assumed that the car, which was moving at speed, failed to drive, crashed into the support beam of the highway and caught fire.

Detective Raine says two other people were in the second car and they were not injured.

He also confirmed to the WFAA that the two dead were a man and a woman. A forensic examination is working to identify them, but a teammate confirmed to the WFAA that Gladney was the victim of a man.

The sheriff’s office will then contact close victims before making their names public.

The sheriff’s department says the cause of the crash is being investigated.

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