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Fox News presenter Laura Ingremham shared with Americans on both sides ratings of President Biden’s approval as the new AP-NORC poll has the president’s approval rating at 39%.

LORA INGROCHEM: I’m going to ask the question, how low can it go down? As with Biden and those polls that measure his work, of course. A new AP-NORC poll has Biden’s approval at 39%, which is the lowest figure since his presidency. And among Democrats, his approval is only 73%, and for the whole of 2021, it has never fallen below 82%. Among Latinos in the new Quinnipiac poll, it is 26%. Now the key conclusion from the AP article is that only two out of 10 Americans say our country is on the right track. Who are these two? What is most striking is that some of the Americans’ comments about Biden’s speech are staggering. One says: I don’t know how much worse it can be. Or he didn’t keep any of the promises. His policies are destroying the economy. Now one of the more charitable was, I think, tired. Of course, all these remarks are correct. Americans are not stupid. They see what is happening with the family budget. They feel it. They know how terrible a crime is. They see food and bus tickets being given to illegals while they argue with themselves, even while vacationing with family this summer. And the vast majority of Americans tell Quinnipiac that they see what we warned you about. An economic recession is not far off.

WASHINGTON, DC – May 10: US President Joe Biden talks about inflation and the economy in the South Court auditorium on the White House campus on May 10, 2022 (Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images)


If Biden’s puppeteers are pulling the strings now, put all those words in a teleprompter if they really loved America. I mean, really loved her. They wouldn’t do any of that. A year ago they would not have brushed off Larry Summers on the issue of inflation. They wouldn’t drag us into deeper debt because of COVID and the stupid costs of Build Back Better. They certainly would not have killed our energy independence. And they wouldn’t turn Americans against Americans in races. Our borders would not give cartels. They would not put in place a policy that causes so much pain and suffering to those who at least deserve it.

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