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Fox News presenter Laura Ingram told viewers on Thursday of “The Ingraham Angle” that it was time to ask whether the economic chaos unfolding before our eyes was the result of incompetence or careful planning.

LORA INGROCHEM: Have you already drawn your attention to rising prices? … Meanwhile, to worsen the situation, we may soon face a shortage of truckers. Owners-operators are facing a so-called existential crisis due to the rapid rise in prices for diesel fuel – and food? Forget about it. Today’s Bloomberg headline caught my eye. Chicken wings for $ 34? Delayed inflation increases food spending. Consumer food prices rose 9.4% in April compared to last year. This is the biggest increase since 1981. Holy smoke.

President Biden wanted to get a loan when gas prices fell slightly in December, but is now not responsible for rising gas prices. (Photo by AP / Andrei Garnik)
(Photo by AP / Andrei Garnik)


Of course, Biden is very ignorant. We know that. And his cabinet is unfortunately unqualified. We know that. But the headwinds that Americans now face in almost every aspect of our lives cannot be accidental. None of this was predestined. Now Biden’s team has decided to terminate the oil lease, stop Keystone, raise all these rules. They covered the proxy war against Russia … threw tens of billions of military aid to Ukraine? Oh, yes, we can afford it. They paid people not to work, even after vaccines were available. Of course, they rescued the blue states that refused to open, also with the so-called Biden Recovery Act. They let millions of migrants pass, we pay for it, across the southern border. They sow the authority of the US international bureaucracy. And to this day they refuse to stop scaring COVID Americans. Oh, for good measure, they even threaten freedom of speech. Hostile language, of course, is all they disagree with. I could go on indefinitely, but all of these policies are aimed at making you poorer and making you more dependent on government.

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