The United States Congress has just held a public discussion of UFOs.

Here are some of the major discoveries we learned about UFOs and UAP from the conversation.


UFO congressional hearings reveal spherical and triangular objects that experts seem unable to explainCredit: EPA


“Unidentified aerial phenomena” were shown on television during a meeting of the House Intelligence Committee at the US Capitol in Washington todayCredit: EPA

400 observations

A Navy intelligence officer has revealed that more than 400 UAPs have been recorded so far, which are an unidentified aerial phenomenon.

Some experts prefer the phrase UAP because they think UFOs come with a stigma and are taken less seriously.

There is a video

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A video of a UFO was played to the congressmen today.

One showed a spherical object moving fast, and the other showed what looked like a perfect triangle glowing green in the sky.

Experts have no explanation for these objects and how they move.

11 ‘short misses’

Hearings at the convention also revealed that there were similar mistakes with the UAP.

Some were spotted by the Air Force, and 11 were described as nearly missed.

No attempts to communicate

The expert group was asked if there was an attempt to contact the strange air objects.

It turned out that there were no signals or other attempts to contact the UAP.

The way they move doesn’t make sense

It turned out that the UAP were able to move very quickly “without noticeable means of movement.”

Experts are unaware of man-made objects that can move in the same way.

There is a secret hearing

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During the hearings at the UFO Congress on certain issues, there were requests that the necessary information be disclosed in private.

After the session, which the public only watched on the Internet, a closed meeting is held, at which experts will further discuss the UAP.

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