What to do if your Was your inbox flooded with AI-generated emails? You may already be receiving AI-written emails with a human prompter. Austin Distel, senior director of marketing at Jasper, is one of those people.

Austin smiles as he demonstrates Japper’s ability to compose an email. “These are tools in my tool belt that have helped me work faster, but also better,” he says, before revealing that he often uses generative artificial intelligence to rewrite work emails to sound like Jerry Seinfeld.

What’s the deal with autocomplete?

Email is one of the least authentic forms of communication. Standard phrases and polite responses are comically robotic. how why Do you hope this letter found me well? For the past few years, Google has been using machine learning in Gmail to generate one-sentence responses and predict what you’re likely to type next. New companies like Compose AI may allow people to further rely on autocomplete features when sending emails.

“Autocomplete won’t divert you from what you already want to type. It only accelerates it,” says Michael Chaffet, founder and CEO of Compose AI. While large chunks of AI-generated text from models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT are quite popular, smaller chunks generated with autocomplete are currently easier to manage. It’s like riding a tandem bike with a robot versus letting it ride your bike alone at night after you’ve given it a one-sentence command. The first option requires more effort, but most likely you will reach your destination together.

Will major email providers like Gmail and Outlook introduce additional AI-powered features to help you navigate your cluttered inbox? Aparna Pappu, vice president and general manager of Google Workspace, mentions several ways the company is using artificial intelligence to help people write messages and detect spam. In a statement emailed to WIRED, its attitude toward generative artificial intelligence mirrors most of the messages coming from Google on the subject: excited, if cautious.

“We are in a new era of artificial intelligence, where large language models are capable of taking this assistance to a new level,” Pappu writes. “We know it’s critical that this work is done with the utmost attention to safety, quality and soundness.” Businesses using Microsoft’s customer relationship management system, Viva Sales, can experiment with a generative AI tool for writing email responses. Potential AI prompts include things like discount offers and answers to questions. Microsoft declined to comment for this article, and reaching out to its Bing chatbot for a quote about Outlook seemed trivial. Sorry Sydney! 😊

Will Artificial Intelligence “Reply All”?

So, the future of email may have more complete autocomplete. Is it revolutionary? Not really.

This would it would be transformative if a personalized AI model could write complete, high-quality emails with your tone of voice. White-collar workers who these days tap, tap, tap back on their laptops will essentially gain access to a digital executive assistant. Imagine a world in which robots spend their days “thinking through” projects and sending “quick pings” while professionals laze around sipping Mai Tais and focusing on client presentations.

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