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Co-hosts Greg Gutfeld and Katie Paulich sounded the alarm on Friday about United States immigration policy.

GUTFELD: This shows how attractive our systematically racist country is, that millions of non-whites want to come here. But … as long as we care about immigration – it’s like crime and like inflation – the White House will not. Because, in their opinion, we consider these problems only because we are pathetic, we accept the theory of substitution, when … all this, regardless of whether it is a crime, whether inflation or immigration, is a process. It’s about the rules. It’s not about people. … Republicans, conservatives and libertarians are all about systems. We just want you to be part of the system and do it right. And so what’s happening now, you see, a lot of people are painting with a broad brush this racism. And that’s their way of doing it here, like they did with crime and elsewhere.

PAVLICH: As for the bigger issue of systems, Bill [Melugin] Earlier today it was reported that an American citizen was arrested in Texas for aiding in the illegal movement of illegal immigrants across the border. The picture is broader: the longer this lawlessness lasts and the system is not respected, and the mission of the border patrol – to treat people so as not to impose borders and defend the country – it will multiply and it will completely get out of control. And it will come to government officials; it will reach law enforcement. Thus, there are long-term consequences for this type of lawlessness to continue. … And once it’s in these systems, we start to look very similar to Mexican corruption, and that’s largely the reason why it happens too. And once you get to that point, it’s very hard to get back.


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